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Anime Review : Rozen Maiden

This anime was created from a manga of the same title. The manga was created by the group PEACH-PIT. This anime was ranked 9th on the TV Asahi's "Top 100 Anime Ranking" polled in 2006. There a three chapters of this anime, Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden : Traumend & Rozen Maiden : Ouverture

The Story

The story begins when a man by the name of Rozen dreamed about the perfect girl who he named Alice. She was perfect in every way. Beautiful, innocence & pure.

*Alice, the perfect girl*

Since he was a doll maker, he decided to create a doll that would resemble Alice. With all his heart & soul, he created 7 dolls. Each of them had their own uniqueness but none of them achieved what he desired the most, to create Alice... So he came out with an idea, the Alice Game. Each of the dolls will fight each other to the death & whoever will be the last one standing will gain the power to become Alice & meet Rozen, which the dolls call him "Father" Each of the dolls we given a soul & an artificial soul (looks like a firefly) to assist them in any way possible. The doll who loses the fight will have to give the opponent their Rosa Mystica, which is their very soul. This is the fate of the Rozen Maidens, the dolls created by Rozen, the futile effort to create the perfect girl, that they have to suffer for eternity.

*The Rosa Mystica, the very soul of the Rozen Maidens*

The anime begins by talking bout a boy by the name of Jun Sakurada who is a hikikomori (a person who stays at home all the time & never goes out). He doesn't want to go to school because something happened at school that made him traumatized. He likes to order strange things from the Net & returns them before he has to pay from them. So one day he happens to get a letter that says you won a prize. All he has to do is sign the letter, leave it in the drawer & the prize will arrive. After having a fight with his sister, Nori outside his room, he comes into his room only to trip on a wooden box. He decides to open it & finds a peculiar doll.

It was Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden Doll. After giving the doll a wind, it began to move & talk.
*Shinku giving a slap to Jun for not carrying her properly...Ouch!

Just when Jun & Shinku finished introducing themselves, black feathers fall on them from above & the window glass shattered. A clown doll suddenly entered Jun's room & started to attack them.

*Bad clown...Very BAD clown!!!

Shinku said to Jun that the only way to solve this matter is to made a contract with her. At first Jun didn't agree but after nearly getting cut to pieces by the clown doll, he decided to do the contract. He kissed the ring on Shinku's hand & the contract was done.
After Shinku defeated the clown, she said that from now on, Jun will become her servant. Starting from that day, Jun's life will never be the same...Little does he realize how will the dolls affect him & help him become a better person.


*The leader of the Rozen Maiden dolls
*Think that she knows everything but does make mistakes (although she doesn't admit it)
*Believes that there is another way to meet Father besides joining in the Alice Game
*Doesn't really agree to the Alice Game concept
*Loves a cartoon show called "Detective Kun-kun" who she takes seriously

*Hina Ichigo
The most childish doll among them
*Loves to eat strawberry flavoured daifuku( glutinous rice cakes)
*Well liked by all except Suiseiseki (Suiseiseki always bully her!)
*Also doesn't want to participate in the Alice Game

Claim to be the most innocence of all the dolls but she actually doesn't
*Has a twin sister named Souseiseki
*Has a strong will & always speaks her mind out
*Also doesn't want to participate in the Alice Game
*Wants to live happily with everyone

The more boyish twin sister
*Has a strong personality & very protective
*Wants to live with everyone but believes if they did that, they would go against "Father" will
*In the end, decided to join the Alice Game even though Suiseiseki didn't allow it

Believe to be the first doll created
*Has a dark personality & hates the rest of the dolls
*Loves "Father" the most although she wasn't shown any
*Has a dark secret that only Shinku & Souseiseki
*Wants to destroy every doll & become Alice to meet "Father"

*Jun Sakurada
*The medium of Shinku (Gives power to Shinku)
*Awaken Shinku & made a contract with her for his own safety (he didn't had any other choice)
*Believes everyone shouldn't fight & doesn't understand how could Rozen create such a game
*Has a trauma going to school due to a certain incident that happened at school
*Wants to stop the Alice Game

*Nori Sakurada
Jun's Sister
*Wants to help Jun get over his problem & go back to school
*Always helpful & supportive
*Quite a great cook & always takes care of the chores

Reason to watch this anime

The characters in the anime are so unique & lovable. Each of them have a different personalities & their own personal reason why they want & don't want to join the Alice Game.
* The opening song, Kinjirareta Asobi (禁じられた遊び Forbidden Game) by ALI PROJECT is very unusual. I haven't heard any anime song that sounds like that.
*The theme of this anime is gothic lolita & has a style of Victorian era aristocracy.
*I haven't heard bout a puppet cartoon since Pinocchio (did I spell that right?)
*Furthermore it was nominated 9th among 100 animes!!! The majority say it all,right?

Tune in next time for another anime review. Till then, have a great day everyone! (^__^)

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  1. Shirukii said...

    This was a great anime, Traumend in particular. Many people are turned off by the description, Victorian gothic lolita dolls fighting to the death, but it really is worth a watch.

    Ouverture was kind of disappointing though, mostly because of its short length.  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    Glad that you came to give a comment.I agree with you that Ouverture was too short. If only they could explain more about the past & the true Seventh Rozen Maiden.

    If it wasn't Barasuishou, who was it? I'm kind of confused who is the real seventh doll...?Do you think there is any hope for a next season? Probable explaining Jun's powers?  

  3. Shirukii said...

    There probably will be another season, Traumend left the ending wide open for another sequel. The Alice game isn't over and no one has found an alternate way to become Alice yet, so the story must go on! XD  

  4. gungrave1988 said...

    I hope so! I can't wait for next season! Thanks again shirukii for commenting my post! (^__^)  

  5. said...

    It's all wrong what you're writing.  


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