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Knut the Polar Bear

Knut el oso polar, originally uploaded by F-power.

Berlin Zoo has vowed it will not kill Knut the baby polar bear amid a heated row over whether it is right to hand-rear the cub, who was rejected by his mother. Knut has been nurtured by a keeper who has slept by his side, bottle-fed him, and strummed him Elvis Presley songs.

But suggestions the three-month-old should have been put down to stop him becoming emotionally and physically reliant on a human have caused outrage.

Isn't he cute?

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  1. hann said...

    wats the big deal?i mean the cub is just another animal which is kept in a zoo's come it needs to be put down just because its mother left it n its wrong to hand-raise a polar bear cub?i dun get it.sad case for the cub if it were to be put down  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Plus its a fan of football. XP!  

  3. gungrave1988 said...

    [hann] I heard of a story bout a had raised polar bear(I think it was a female) in Japan. I remember they made a documentation bout the polar bear. The problem is with hand raising the polar bear is that the polar bear will not be able to learn the basic skills to survive. Usually the mother will teach it how to swim & stuff like that.
    Another problem would be that the polar bear gets too attach to the guardian. The polar bear I saw in Japan wouldn't let go of the care taker. Although it was adorable but as it got bigger, the problem starts. It doesn't realize how big it is & he would always try to jump on top of the guardian. The guardian said that "She doesn't realize how heavy she is...{chuckle} but she loves me just as much as I love her & I know she won't hurt me". Of course in the end with lots of hesitation, the polar bear was left in its cage to take care of itself. According to the Zoo, the polar bear would cry to sleep & often wailed for the guardian. So once in a while the guardian will come to see it & play with it. The guardian said " I had to take care of her, teach her how to swim,teach her how to mix with other bears & other stuff. I feel like I'm the mother of the polar bear although i'm a guy {laughs}"
    So I think it's wrong for the Zoo to put the polar bear down. Although it might be difficult to raise but I think we should appreciate all animals whether small or big...(^__^)

    [arbitary juggernaut] YEAH!!! It looks so cute with the foot ball & its eyes are wide open!!! Maybe it might be the future mascot for football. Haha LOL  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    [juggernaut]: Bears love balls. Polar bears even play with them in water albeit only in zoos.

    [hann]: Animal rights activist should go to hell since they suggested that Knut should be killed. Why kill a healthy bear just to prove a extremist view that animals must not be humanised?

    [gungrave1988]: All live is sacred, we mustn't kill because of fear of psychological damage to an relatively intelligent creature. Likewise children in the West should not be drugged because of naughtiness. In America a 4 year old child died of overmedicating her alleged ADHD.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  5. joe said...

    i wish i had a soft toy polar bear lyk tt *laughs*  


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