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From my point of view..

It feels like ages since I last posted an entry here. Well, I was packed with a hectic schedule actually. For one week, I was in Seri Manjung Hospital for a medical attachment. This attachment is to widen one's view on what a doctor's life is like. I was in the A & E (Accident and Emergency) department for five days. One thing I used to take for granted is life. I never really thought about how precious it was and one accident could be fatal. So, throughout my stay there, I lived like I will never live again *touchwood touchwood*.

In other words, I asked about nearly everything, from the "what"s to the "why"s, then the "when"s and the "how"s. I experimented on the equipments like the blood pressure reader, glucometer, stethoscope etc. After 5 days, I realised that a doctor's life the way I imagined it and from experiencing it is different. Do I still want to be a doctor? I'd say 'Of course!' Doctors give patients hope and it is hope which partly keeps them fighting for their lives. It is not because of the salary or the glamour or having the title 'dr'. It is simply helping with a sincere heart and until I actually become one, I'd say now is the right time to cultivate a love for others. We are still young and it would be easier to plant it into us.

Of course, every one has got their own ambitions. I have friends who are about to become engineers, lawyers, teachers, artists etc. I wondered when was it that they decided to be what they want to be. Were they prepared for the job at a young age? In this modern era, we know that there are parents who would 'brainwash' their kids to become someone they wanted to be but never had the chance to study it. What is your opinion? Do you think it was right for parents to do so because if they had not done that, you would still be lost in the junction? or could it be the other way round that it was wrong because you have ambitions to pursue and feel the pressure of fulfilling their quest?

On something unrelated, does anyone know where I can view books online without paying for the membership just to view it?

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    Kudos, you have the passion to be a doctor. Wanting to be a doctor because you love to help people is so honourable =). You are so unlike my Singaporean cousin, she wants to be a doctor preferably an oncologist for the money and glamour.... :(

    BTW, what books you want to read?  

  2. Anonymous said...

    eii.. that the only government hospital where i live now.. about 14km away from my house i think.. u know where is Sitiawan? Where are you from??



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