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Men, generally perceive women with a traditional (sometimes chauvinistic) mindset and have standard expectations for women to serve and remain submissive to the male's demands. For example, women are expected to cook, serve their family etc. Paradoxically, men also expect women to be outgoing, independent and sexy. These paradoxes lead to the exploitation of women. The hardwired perception of women in society must change. A truly advanced society will treat everyone equally. After all everyone is equal in the eyes of God.

Now let us examine the perception of women by the youth.

How do guys normally perceive women?

  • As a companion who gives extra support and attention.
  • Women are complicated and difficult to understand.
  • Dislike women who try too hard to prove men wrong.
  • Sports are generally for men.
  • Women who flaunt their sexuality (sexy, sultry etc.) are attractive.
  • When in a relationship, women are disallowed to see male friends.

How do girls usually perceive themselves?
  • Women stay at home to look after the family eventually, no matter what.
  • As a sex object.
  • Think that men love sexually attractive girls.
  • They will never be equal to men.
~multum in parvo~

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  1. thwen said...

    How do I, a girl, perceive myself:

    1) I see myself as an equal to men, even though there are some instances which I can't compete with them (like donating sperms). I don't feel inferior competing or being with a group of men (unless they're really perverted). In fact, I like to prove them that women can be successful in their careers too.

    2) I prove anyone wrong if they are. It doesn't the guy gets away un-bombarded by questions and statements if he is a guy. So, generally, I'm well-disliked by guys, haha. So hate me!

    3) I believe traditional roles should be changed. Men can't expect their sexy and smart wives to whip dinners and wash clothes. If a woman is sexy and smart, she wouldn't do so, unless she's really devoted and is tied with circumstances. I would not want to be housewife, but doesn't imply I'm sexy and/or smart.

    Well, I think your views are distorted, Comrade. My apologies for offending anyone.  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    [thwen]: Don't worry I'm not offended. The post above actually is partly taken from a anti-sexism campaign leaflet. It's a good thing you challenge traditional views about girls.

    To me household chores must be shared between genders. Simply said, women must be made equal to men in every aspect. All the stupid stereotypes that men don't cook, don't look after kids, women must always be submissive etc. is really ludicrous. My viewpoint is heavily influenced by my father.

    My father cooks and washes the clothes. In fact he does so much for my family he is to me the best father and husband out there.  

  3. thwen said...

    *laughs* Your father's such a good husband! My dad does that to, but my mom's not really a career woman.

    It's the 21st century, roles of women are shifting from the traditional and typical. Female prime ministers, maybe a President, female photojournalists, female taxi drivers, female engineers...

    Men out there must change their views too. There will be a time when women will dominate most industries and fields, thus ring the 'equality' issue into question. It's like 'the reverse'. Hopefully, all things will go well.  

  4. Jeff said...

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  5. Anonymous said...

    That not are fact that man will never be equal to women it just that men are so not focus on what are they need in there lives well 90 percent
    of the are the player because the usually says life is are game and 10 percent of them are focused on there future living.  


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