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Presenting the work of three great photographers, documenting some really cool things.

We'll kick it off with another dead animal picture, courtesy of Brian again. Or maybe... 'dead'. Well, technically, it isn't an animal, so it can't be dead; but it used to be part of an animal, so, I guess the first time you look, you'd think it was an animal that died sometime ago, and...

Aw shucks, just see it for yourselves.

The Really Long Snakeskin
That's Hann on the left (Joe's roomie, from JB too) and yours truly on the right.

It was a reptile exhibition at Jaya Jusco, Ipoh. Brian, Hann and I were in Ipoh for dinner the Friday night our break started, behind Jusco. After dinner we were quite surprised to see this exhibition there. Went in for RM4 a head, and what an exhibition it was!

We saw weird horned toads, little snakes, scorpions, and a baby monkey (it was late when we went, so the little bugger was all over the place, out of his cage). It was really cute. Heck, the trainer let us give him water - never knew it could down, what, almost 400ml at once? Now that's what I call thirsty.

And not only were there those guys. There were snake skins on the wall (that's the longest of them), and of course...

... this really angry kiddo. Hann kept blowing on him to see what would happen - oh yeah, he waved his slipper in front of the cobra awhile, too. It was all worth it 'cos we got to see the guy's hood! Brian took this photo of the cobra, poised to strike.

There were also massive pythons in a cage. They had coins all around them in the cage. Probably Chinese people threw them in. Hann and I blew on the pythons too, just to see their reaction. And wow! did they react. Watching them tense their muscles and all... raw power, baby!

(Hann commented that they seemed to be more pissed when I blew on them - a sign of halitosis? Or is it just me being a Snake [1989] too? Go figure.)

* * *

On something totally unrelated, here's what happens when you put a bunch of guys together with the vending machine on the ground floor of my hostel block. Thanks to Ivan Chee's trusty camera-phone, you get to see:

Free Drinks for All! (1)

Free Drinks for All! (2)
... 52 soft drink cans, all bought for RM2.60.

Not RM2.60 per can, RM2.60 for all 52 of them. That works out to about RM0.05 per can. So, imagine selling it for RM1.00 per can. How much would your percentage of profit be per can?... $$$

There aren't 52 in the pictures, by the by, 'cos by the time Ivan took 'em some of them had already been taken (I took one, haha). You play around with the vending machine, and this is what you get...

But those 52 cans sure disappeared pretty fast. My room (where the fridge is) became pretty popular overnight too.

Oh yeah, as I'm writing this, there are about 32 new soft drink cans sitting outside of the fridge. They're from a recent "batch" that my buddies cooked up from the machine. The only reason they're out there is 'cos the fridge is jam-packed with the others (from the same "batch") they could fit in. Talk about scary...

Imagine the expression on the faces of the people who collect money and refill the machine. Cans gone, no change... *evil grin* Better ask Ivan to take a picture of the new batch soon then.

* * *

And from FraudWasteAbuse comes a fantastic collection of pictures. Presenting a diamond in the rough, all the way from NYC:

Incredible Graffiti Covered Building (3)

Incredible Graffiti Covered Building (1)

Incredible Graffiti Covered Building (2)
Who would've thought he'd been so lucky to find this rare gem? He has more pictures here on his blog: Incredible graffiti covered building -- 5 Pointz in New York City. His post also talks about his experience holidaying in the region, and how he came across this magnificent edifice of expression.

I didn't put all of the pictures here, 'cos the photo credits belong to him, for one, and besides, consider a little more traffic there as a little token of our appreciation for his pictures. *wink*

Anyway, I'm off, so enjoy the pictures!

~verus rara avis~

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  1. thwen said...

    Now I know what to do when I go out with 'strong guys', haha. Ask them to get me a few cans of drink from the vending machine for RM 2.60 (or probably less).

    Useful indeed.

    And Jared, I do believe it's the breath. Tried Listerine? *evil snicker*  

  2. Maverick said...


    There's a trick to it, it's not just about bashing the machine till it spits out everything inside of it. *laugh* I think they recently got 65 cans or something for RM1.30. I don't remember. But everything they got's here in my room with me right now.


    ...I shall not deign to answer that last question of yours. *sulks*

    ~verus rara avis~  

  3. gungrave1988 said...

    Why didn't ya put the monkey picture? It was kind of cute...(T__T)  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    Hann better be more careful with snakes. I also smell monkey abuse.

    Too bad the vendor company is losing money. Naughty fellas!

    Nice graffiti. Who said graffiti defaces walls?

    ~multum in parvo~  


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