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Hotline Abuse

Is Malaysia populated by selfish ignorants and fools? If statistics from this article are not deceiving then I submit that the answer is yes.

90% of 991 calls are crank calls! Malaysians have reached an appalling low! Their actions actually borders the criminal as lives can be lost when legitimate calls are drowned out. Do you know how ill equipped this hotline centres are? I tried calling when there was a fire in my neighbour's house and the line was engaged. Imagine if there were people roasting inside.

There also have been cases of little kurang ajar kids calling for fire engines when there was no fire. Here we should fine their parents. Were they teaching their kids to be little rascals? I'm sure there are also many bored adult imbeciles who call 991 for amusement. Altogether I really, really wonder why people are like that. Don't these monkeys know that people could die because of their stupidity?

Look at it this way, apathy has taken over society. Public services are meant to be abused. The world is all about me, myself and I. Education doesn't seem to be the issue here. Nobody would first learn that 991 as a number for amusement. 90% of callers cannot have such shallow minds to call 991 being ignorant of its purpose. At least 30% of people can reason like me. Yet the refuse and rather act like imbeciles a make crank calls to the bomba.

One of the few solution seems to be to fine crank callers heavily. I suggest a RM1000 fine. The people must be severely reprimanded too. Then we can also jail pranksters who indirectly cause harm. Next we must have an explicitly graphic advertisement campaign to scare educate the public.

I hope nobody who reads this makes prank calls to the firemen. All views on this third class mentality are welcomed.

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~multum in parvo~

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Maybe we could use mild psychological torture to teach this fools a lesson.

    Put them in the shoes of the victim under a 'controlled chaos' get it?

    Sorry guys... I'm the arbiter... i like to punish ;P!  


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