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Gratitude To My Master

Bush, world traitor and emperor.

It seems that Bush has been whining a lot on why the Iraqis don't feel gratitude towards him for toppling Saddam. Who wants to feel gratitude when utter chaos has ensued from the American occupation in Iraq. So, is Bush stupid or there's something more sinister below the surface?

Bush actually has a superiority complex. Disturbingly, Bush has an incessant concern with the proper level of fealty. The word that he repeatedly uses when discussing what he wants from nations he thinks he's helping—"gratitude"—implies a supplicant's relationship to his lord. Power has evidently overpowered him.

As Stanley Renshon, a political psychologist at the City University of New York Graduate Center (and generally a Bush supporter), puts it, "Gratitude is something you give to somebody who's superior. It's very different from, say, appreciation, which is something that equals give each other."

Bush thinks American generosity gets to little credit. He refuses acknowledge, however, that governments give aid or go to war for their own interests, not just for the interests of others, and therefore don't generally require gratitude notes. Nor does he seem to realise, whatever his motives, that nobody likes whiner-donors who demand bowing and scraping are often resented, if not despised. Like almost all American politicians Bush is one self centered hypocrite. America brought anarchy, suffering and death to Iraq for bloody oil.

I wish Bush gets struck by lightning as that man doesn't deserve to exist. He hasn't brought anything good in this world. He should quickly join Saddam, Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc. wherever they are.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. thwen said...

    I have to say that's a good portrait of Bush. *laughs*

    I wonder who's going to vote for him in the next election?  


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