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few months back, i post about the kissing scene.

the post became a hit, though not many people commenting on it, it was a hit nonetheless. up to 100 people will click on the post every now and then and leave me messages about it.

kissing is a normal thing. not being kissed and having TONS of friends around you that has already been kissed (or kissed in that matter) or like, having them to already made out (its the same thing right?) is totally normal.

and have you to be SOOOOOO pressured up because you have never been kissed before is like soooo hard. first there’s media showing you how good kissing is, then to make it worse, your best friend had her first kiss and she brags about how good and fun it is.

thats a killer right there and then.

i had my kiss when i was 16. 16 yo! thats like… old, at least, in this modern society. hoho. people as young as 12 had their first kiss, and i had it at 16.

although it KILLS to not have my first kiss all this time, and having to see people all around me already had theirs (and their 2nd.. 3rd.. 10th…), i know i hadddd to wait and be patient and wait for someone to kiss me. (yea. lame line)

i mean, i cant just simply kiss any random guy i meet on the street right? that’ll be wrong. and i cant just simply get together with a guy and make out with him… well, you can, but that would just be a one night stand kind of thing, and thats not fun.

but yea.. i mean, kissing could be fun, could look oh so nice and can seem really yummy… but i mean, take your time. dont rush. dont worry about it. its not like you’re NOT gonna get it, like ever. that would just be weird.

you will get it. and when you do, believe me, you’ll be really worried. all first kissers are like that, they get worried and get nervous.

questions like:
01 how do i kiss?
02 what if i suck his mouth?????
03 what if my breath stinks?
04 what if his breath stinks?
05 what if im a bad kisser?
06 what if i hurt his lips/mouth/tongue???
07 if im a bad kisser, he’ll never kiss me again right?
08 should i breathe while kissing?
09 how should i breathe?
10 would kissing be as fun as how those celebrities potray in movies?
seriously… all these questions will come in you mind. its normal. when it does go to your head, you’ll start to be all worried and scared. and thats normal too.

but then again, when you actually get to kiss someone, and started to be all comfortable about it (it took me about 1 month to get comfortable with it), only then will you get the hang of it…

and when you DO get the hang of it, you will definately start experimenting with different kisses. or like, play around… be naughty. and when you do, only then will you feel the fun of it.

but that is though, IF your partner is a good kisser.

things to spoil a good kiss:
02 rough kisses
03 if it he/she hurts you (biting you tongue etc)
04 yucky teeth
hahahaha… so hey, take your time. dont rush. and when the time comes, have fun ;)

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    Firstly, I'll never be French kissing anyone. That's just they way it will be. I do however encourage you to kiss your lover and perhaps taking some of jasmine's words.

    One thing is French kissing is even illegal in many places in Malaysia. The safest bet is to do it at a secluded spot. I know that many people do this. What to do? We're living in a world of prudes. Blame everyone because our culture will frown upon love making.

    Another thing related to kissing is that our censors hate love. French kissing is a deadly sin but violence isn't. Did you know how bloody The Kingdom of Heaven was? Yet the tame lovemaking scene was was censored. Obviously a rational person will know that violence sure is a thousand times more damaging than love. Another about censorship is killing the truth. Another documentary by an acclaimed Malaysian director has been banned. All this because the truth hurts. We nevertheless, have air-headed politicians who don't know how to shut their mouth. Censorship anyone? I say no but media must be rated. Personally I like some songs that are peppered with curses.

    ~multum in parvo~  


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