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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Josiah Tay (and others?)

Many thanks Joe for the dedication. Well written, but if you wanted to attempt poetry in pentameter form, you could try harder. Hehe... nevertheless, a very nice one.

Personally, I was also surprised to see that we actually achieved the 100-post-per-month mark. Kudos to those who have made this blog such a success in achieving what we thought was the impossible. Still, I quite resent the fact that though we have very dedicated bloggers (especially like Comrade Cripple), we still lack readers and hits.

So, in reply to Joe's The One with The Endless Grins, here's one from me specially to him (and Hann):

This brother Joe I knew last year,
Whom at first I was not near,
Little did I know what was to come,
My being "irritating" was the harm.

Freshies Talent Nite (from left: Joe, I, Hann and Minh Anh (a Vietnamese student))

Freshies Talent Nite marked the night,
I felt happy, important and bright,
Joe and Hann were also well-dressed,
It was our night; we must be at our best.

Joe and Hann were the emcees,
And I, of course, the sole pianist,
Joe wondered if I had the abilities,
The answer came, "He could have his qualities."

After that we soon discovered,
A band competition that we participated,
Joe on the bass and Hann on the drum,
And I on the piano, in the glum.

Joe, Hann and I a queer combination,
I tried my best to suit the situation,
Both of them have the chemistry!
A classical me, so lowly.

Besides the bass that Joe was gifted,
With the guitar and drums he, too, is talented,
His voice, my gosh, puts me to shame,
Sometimes I wish I was the same.

Things got better as time went by,
If there were no conflicts I'm telling a lie,
Still, I treasure those moments I spent,
With them, there were lots to rant.

Euphonious 2006 (from left: Joe, Hann, Minh Anh (main vocalist), I and Brian)

Euphonious came and we put on a show,
At those moments we were not cold,
Sad to say we were not victorious,
Still we returned with lots of experience.

Joe and I got to know each other well,
And I found him to be such a swell,
His figure fit and his brain quick,
A cheerful grin you can always pick.

I was a little down and I decided to go,
To Johor Bahru that was where I would show,
Too visit Joe, Hann and the rest,
Though JB was not on its best.

He welcomed my presence and I was graced,
A wide grin again on his face,
He challenged me to try something new,
To spike a fin I had to do.

A brother in Christ is Joe,
When I'm sad he would console,
I might have stepped often on his tail,
But thankfully, I'm still here to tell the tale.

He's naturally gifted in kinaesthetics,
An endless energy, he is terrific!
We used to jog and I might go no further,
But he... he must go a while more longer.

Though at sports he's one of the best,
Car rides surprisingly put him to rest,
This man here he makes me impressed,
There's more to say, don't be depressed.

A "banana" he certainly is not!
His qualifications in Mandarin make me feel short,
He cannot comprehend why is that so,
My Mandarin isn't as good as yours, you know, Joe.

Jared, Joe, Brian and I,
We would keep each other an eye,
When one is in problem we are concerned,
Just to let him know we will listen.

There's more to say about this brother,
But if I keep you, you'll go "Oh, bother!"
Our brotherhood, I pray, will remain strong,
Forget me not, I here end my song.

A RANDT here which I've mentioned in the RANDTS group: Wouldn't it be nice if we could ever meet up in a place together? What do you say to a RANDSTers gathering?

P/S: Don't be disappointed if I've not written a poem about you. Give me time to know you more, through your blog or by chatting, and one day, I'll feature you, too! (Chuckles).

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    How was Random Rantings with hits and readers?  

  2. joe said...

    hehe. it is rather a limerick inspired by edward lear himself... the man who wrote "the pig and the owl" (if im not wrong). tnx. im reali flattered. our brotherhood will last, definitely. =)  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    [Comrade Cripple]: Oh, far worse than RANDTS actually... that answers you, right?

    [Joe]: Well, your limerick sure is a very impressive one. Good try... you are quite prolific after all!  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    [henry yew]:yes, thanks

    [RANDTSers]:BTW, what are your opinions on putting up a post to discuss ways to popularise RANDTS?  


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