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Inconsistency Kills

This article from The Star seems to confirm that our government doesn't seem to be able to implement policy in a consistent manner. Why does a top student have to be worried about getting a scholarship!? It's absolutely ridiculous!!

Melisa Sia Yuk Ying of the Kian Kok Middle School here, who scored 16A1s and wants to do medicine, is now worried that she will not be given a scholarship meant for top scorers as her name is not on the list.

Just like many cases of wronged top students politicians have hijacked her problems. They now have made statements seemingly in support of her but more importantly the MCA politician has gotten free publicity about a "good" deed. That's just too bad. you scratch my back, I massage your back.

I know Bank Negara reserves scholarships for top SPM scorers according to the Syndicate's list. Because Melisa isn't on the list she's going to have a problem. However, I also won't surprised if Melisa gets her hopes dashed as Bank Negara even dared to even reject the Top Malay Scorer for SPM 2005, Ahnaf. A cynic would point out Bank Negara used Ahnaf to further the vendetta of some politicians against Singapore. At that time Ahnaf was on Asean scholarship in Singapore.

Now Melisa and her parents are going after Hishamuddin. Why does everything have to be so political. Our government shouldn't always allow the issue wronged top scorers become an embarrassment about irregular government policy. Nothing changes.........

~multum in parvo~

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  1. thwen said...

    Well, I have a friend who applied for every single major scholarship just for the sake of 'applying' and 'widening her options'.

    Tell me then, who should be given scholarships? Who deserves it? Those who score impressive numbers of A's, or those who excel in both academics and co-curricular activities or those who are not financially well-off?

    And what if some students fit into the 3 criterias mentioned? Who deserves it then? How about others who are not as well-endowed, not given a chance, bla bla bla...

    I'm so sick of scholarships, studies and scores. It's all the numbers, isn't it. And the occasional alphabets.  

  2. wenLi said...

    "Who deserves a scholarship" alone is a very subjective manner, there's no clear cut standard for who is eligible at all. Ironically it's pretty much political. It's
    norm almost everywhere and it's something we can't change overnight.

    One thing's for sure, there're many answers and solution to life, unlike answer to examination questions (malaysian public exam standard, without a doubt). So even if one didn't get any scholarships, there're certainly many ways out.

    Again this is very subjective, because many of them studied tonnes of subjects because they were opting and literally put all their hopes into scholarships. They would go beserk if they couldn't obtain any. Then again, life isn't all about numbers, grades, or being the top..because eventually, someone will surpass your achievements.


  3. Comrade Cripple said...

    BTW, Ahnaf was hyperactive in oratory contests. In fact he won many too. You could say he's a master of speech. I also don't agree with taking a massive number of subjects in SPM but those who do it have to be rewarded for their hard work and diligence even if day do it to "cheat" the system.  

  4. KAEGO (K5) said...

    IT is totally screwed up........
    If we knew better we the future leaders of MALAYSIA will stand up to this stupidity of "ohh sorry we left her name out" excuse. she should nonono MUST defineeeeettttttlllllly get a scholarshipp nnooojononono SPONSERSHIP from this government becouse of her age (15 YEARS OLD)
    CONGRATS IN your SPM (TOP SCORER 16A1) YOU won even one of my friends whom i know is capable.>>JARED & GUO ZHENG..
    if you somehow still don't get it then do write to the newspaper or blog it right here and we'll think of a way to help you should also try other countries like SINGAPORE  


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