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The tragic image of 13-year-old Omayra Sanchez trapped in debris caused by a mudslide following the eruption of a volcano in Colombia in 1985. Red Cross rescue workers had apparently repeatedly appealed to the government for a pump to lower the water level and for other help to free the girl. Finally rescuers gave up and spent their remaining time with her, comforting her and praying with her. She died of exposure after about 60 hours.

Photo credits: Frank Fournier (pictured below)

Click here to read about Frank's story of Omayra. May you rest in peace Omayra.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Good God.
    Why didn't they just dig her out or something?
    Why did they forsake her?

  2. hann said...

    [Arbitary] i think the rescuers had done all they would be quite dangerous for them to go down there without support and not knowing what's going on beneath the surface. i think the question is that what is happening to the world now? i mean a simple thing like requesting for a pump in order to save an individual's life can't even be fulfilled by the government? im sorry to say but that's petty. Anyhow our condolences to Omayra's family n im sure all of us grieve her tragedy. A real tragedy indeed.  

  3. Fusion16 said...

    Again, very thought provoking...
    Good post.  


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