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The recent denialof evidence that women were forced to become sex slaves by the Japanese army during World War II by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is truly sickening. His statements proves the ultra-nationalistic arrogance of the majority of Japanese. Shinzo is a big disgrace as are most Japanese.

Now let us go into the issue of comfort women itself. Who were the comfort women? They are simply the sex slaves who served in the Imperial Japanese army during their wars (mostly World War II). The majority of the women were from Korea and China. Others came from the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Dutch East Indies, and other Japanese-occupied countries and regions. I hate all wretched Japanese who deny their war crimes. Those who deny those horrendous crime must suffer painful death and burn in the fires of hell for eternity with all those bastard soldiers, generals, minister and the cursed dead bloody emperor.
At the beginning of the Imperial Japanese wars prostitutes were sought to service Japanese soldiers in order to increase the morale and ultimately the military effectiveness of Japanese soldiers. These prostitutes were found through middlemen who put advertisements all over the Japanese empire. However, these sources of sex workers started to dry up after some time. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also resisted further issuance of travel visas for Japanese prostitutes, feeling it tarnished the image of the Japanese Empire.

The military then started acquiring common women especially from Korea and occupied China through kidnapping, trickery and fraud. These girls were to endure serial rapes and gang-rapes by up to 40 men a day while the Japanese prostitutes managed them. As the war progressed the situation worsened as locals leaders (especially in China) were forced to acquire sex slaves for the Japanese. Imagine sending your neighbourhood girls to a hell of rape. Japanese soldiers also carried out the "Three Alls Policy", which included indiscriminately kidnapping and raping local civilians as another source of their sex slaves. I call upon the PLA to inflict this acts upon you. You bloody yellow monkeys will be crushed by we yellow dragons. Yellow hairless gorilla gang-rapist really deserved to be bombed by the Marines.
Comfort women lived in a world of sexual hell. Japanese soldiers routinely beat and tortured these girls. Being raped by countless men a day many girls sustained genital injuries.You bloody damn sub-human bastards even deny the Nanjing Massacre. See what happens if the PLA perpetrate the Rape of Tokyo in the Third Sino-Japanese War. Death to the yellow devils from Japan. May you be damned for eternity.

Yasuji Kaneko. He's gonna burn in hell.

Yasuji Kaneko's words.
"They cried out, but it didn't matter to us whether the women lived or died," Kaneko said in an interview at his Tokyo home. "We were the Emperor's soldiers. Whether in military brothels or in the villages, we raped without reluctance."

Women were divided into three or four categories, depending on their length of service. The "freshest" women were the least likely to suffer from STDs and were placed in the highest category. Virgins were usually given to officers to have their hymen penetrated violently. As time went on, the comfort women were downgraded as the likelihood of their acquiring STDs became more certain. Any girl suspected of being pregnant underwent extremely crude abortions. more often than not killing the women through over-bleeding during surgical removals. Girls deemed too used or diseased they were abandoned, disposed as they were treated like sex objects (toys) to be thrown away when spoilt. During their retreat from the American forces the Japanese sometimes tried to hide their comfort women. They would stash these women in secret caves and blast the entrance, causing landslides that sealed the cave. Many women reported having their uterus's rot from the diseases acquired from being raped by thousands of men over several years, at times requiring surgical removal. A handful of ex-comfort women survive till this day.

Despite that the world knows the truth of these horrendous war crimes most Japanese refuse to acknowledge them out of outright contempt toward the world. Germans acknowledge the evils of the Third Reich while Japanese deny the war crimes of Imperial Japan. How wicked can the Japanese be? As of now an ongoing campaign to obtain an official apology from Japanese takes place.

Here is an excerpt story of a story about former comfort woman, Par Kumjoo found here.

Whether it was morning or night, once one soldier left, the next soldier came. Twenty men would come in one day...
-- We would try to talk each other out of committing suicide, but even with that, women still did. There were women who stole opium and took it. If they took a lot of it, they would vomit blood and die. There were people who died after gulping medicine whose name they didn't even know. There were also people who hanged themselves with their clothing when inside the toilet. Because there were people who tried to kill themselves even if they only had some string, we tried to hide string from each other...
-- Then, about six months after I was made a "military comfort woman," I told a colonel in the army, "Do you think we are your maids and your prostitutes? How can you be a human being after making us do such things? We came because we were told we were going to a factory, and we didn't come knowing we would be prostituted." I spat in his face.
-- From there, that soldier said, "It is the command of the army. The country's order is the Emperor's order. If you have something to say, you can say it to the Emperor." Then he beat me. I was in a coma for three days. Even when I regained consciousness, I couldn't move. Even now I feel pain from that time, and scars remain.

That's all for now. There are easter eggs written in wretched language somewhere in this post.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Esther said...

    i see your words.. very good idea.. i would never have notice it had i not have problems scrolling down with my laptop..

    my teacher also told me about comfort women before. and there were women who would shave their head and dress like men to escape such fate.. anyway, good post..  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Well I got very disturbed after reading comments about comfort women on BBC News by Japanese. Almost every Japanese believe their government's lies. I dunno why it's so hard for them to acknowledge their past crimes as a nation.  

  3. said...

    Little doubt, the dude is completely fair.  


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