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Hi guys, I really haven't post anything in along time. I sort of got in the mood to post something due to the words by comrade cripple {Thanks a lot} Well guess I'll talk a little bit of my life & myself.

My name is Brian Woon Thean Boon. People usual call me Brian or sometimes Brain {Don't ask me how i got it, I'm not a genius} I'm your average 19 year old, nothing special or out of the ordinary. I'm the sort of guy a person would normally avoid talking because I usually stay quiet. I had a usual primary & secondary school life. {God, I miss those days! (T__T)} Now I'm in university, where life is a little different that my previous one. I never had a girlfriend {Not that I'm desperate or anything!!?!} or done anything that I would call against the law. {except maybe having a drink or two but I'm good}

I haven't really experience much in life like Jasmine {I'm just guess you had a lot of experience, just guessing...} or the knowledge of the world like the rest. I don't have a lot of ideas like comrade cripple {Look at the amount of post you did!!! Really salute you} or a blog of my own. I am not ashame to admit that I like to watch funny,romance & family movies.{like The Mask, My Best Friend's Wedding, The Holiday or Accepted} I hate watching horror movies. They give me nightmares & fears {ever since I watched the movie "IT" by Stephen King, I creep out when I see CLOWNS!!!} I also hate people who smoke. When ever I see someone smoke, I will walk away. I will be really pissed if I see them throwing their cigarettes without putting out the light. I would step on the cigarette until it becomes a pile of dust on the floor. {I really hate smokers so WATCH OUT!}

I always try my best to fit in with everyone but sometimes I feel lost at times. I feel like whatever I do something, it just doesn't feel right...I feel like I'm just floating around trying to find a place to land. People say you should share problems with your friends but is it that easy? I feel like if I said about my problems, people will look down on me & think that I'm strange. Most people say that my face expression doesn't show how I really feel inside. They say that my face always reflects a person who has no worries & completely relax. {Its not like I wanted to have an expression like that!!!}

But right now I realize that people around me have the same problems as I do. I can't be egoistic & think that I'm the one with all the problems. I've got to open myself to everyone although sometimes I find it difficult to do it. That's how I'm feeling now. So to those who might be feeling how I feel right now, I just want to say that your not alone & we should do our best to get through this & break free from this slump.I'll do my best to become a better person day by day even if its just a little. Looks like the rains stopped.Well I wish everyone a good night & sweet dreams.

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  1. joe said...

    i feel u man. u're not alone in this. i have many many many things weighing down on me like boulders on my shoulders. if u need some1 to talk 2 who wun find u weird, im here man  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Take up life's challenges. Cross the bridge when you come to it. You'll be alright. Trust me.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  3. thwen said...

    Hey Brian!

    Hmmm...from this post, I think you're a person who's worth knowing and talking to, even though you might think not many people wants to talk to you (you mentioned you're quiet).

    In my opinion, quiet people are interesting, and mysterious (not implying that the non-quiet people aren't). They tend to listen and understand more, making them better listeners and advisers. But sometimes, they can really test your nerves when they don't talk AT ALL, haha! No offense intended, Brian. I'm just giving my view as an extrovert, who happens to be very talkative (I seem to think there're lots of topics to talk about).

    And about why sometimes people call you Brain. It's because 1) they can't pronounce Brain or /and 2) they mis-type your name. Well, maybe you really are a brain,, but you're just too humble to admit it. Apart from the nickname and the quietness, I too, share some similarities with you.

    I can't stand people who smoke (my dad smokes, and I can't stand it when he does), I've never dated anyone except casual friends, not desperate for anyone (I might be denying this)and I hate horror movies. I see no point in watching them. *high five*

    Hmmm, also, from this post, you seemed to be troubled. Maybe you're feeling stressed out. I am unable to give you the right advice, but whatever it is, you have RANDTSters (like me) by your side. =)

    Cheers, Hui Wen

    P.S. Conformity is not a must. Eccentricity might be a necessity.  

  4. gungrave1988 said...

    [joe] I feel you man. We got the same feeling but different problems. Thanks joe!

    [comrade cripple] I'll take the step forward & never turn back. Thanks comrade!

    [thwen] Thanks for the comment. My dad also ha smoking problems but he manage to quit. I'm glad that there's someone who hates horror movies too. *high ten!* Thanks Hui Wen!

    Everyone...I really thank you for all your advice. I feel much better now. I'm really touched. Really thank you too all on RANDTS. (T__T)  


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