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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

In conjunction with the o ne month anniversary I the Comrade General Cripple will bare down my opinions as laid down by the Master Chief.

My Viewpoint on Life

Life is a struggle we have to just face it. There are also high points in this struggle so we must savour them. Always think positive and you will go far. Aiming high and working for it is something we must strive for. Never give up until the very end. I will go on until the end.

The World Today

I see so much evil in the world and just little glimmers of hope. The bottom line is money the root of all evil. Influence brings money so people fight for influence. The US supports monsters like King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud because of oil and failed states Pakistan. China supports monstrous regimes in Sudan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe etc. Japan supports commercial whaling in the name of hypocritic research. NGOs and activist fight back by lobbying and shoring up support but the fight is an almost losing battle. The world is such a cruel place but at least there is still hope.


War is evil unless for self defence. All warmongers like George Bush, Nasrallah, Osama bin Laden, Blair etc. belong in one place. Hell! The fact is Mahathir (soot stained kettle) is correct to call for war to be banned.

Health Crises

Bush should spend money saving lives not ending them in Iraq. Failing to do something good when given the power to do so condemns a person. If we stop spending on war all all health crises will end. Failure to stop health crises shows the utter contempt for life by many people especially Bush Jr.


Technology will bring us onward and upward to utopia. We would also see humans progress faster if we stop finding an ever more effective ways to harvest lives. Soon I may be cured by technology.


I like the "lame" anime Ranma ½. I'm also currently downloading Record of Lodoss War after reading the Wikipedia entry on fantasy elves. There are also certain shows on Animax that I watch such as Black Jack. Anyway, Animax's dubbing really sucks to the maximum and Astro pulled a SNAFU on the subbing. Do my Anime choices seem lame?


RANDTSers are the most hip and happening bloggers I ever met. Anyway,,what happened to Tot?

Problem with people

Humans can be infinitely good or evil or somewhere in between. Everybody makes mistakes but sometimes adults act like little kids over small problems. We have to learn to forgive.


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