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This was a post a failed to put up yesterday.

Many of you surely use BitTorrent to get your files whether they are TV Shows, music albums, anime, *ahem*, etc. If you are not already using µTorrent as a client you should make the switch A.S.A.P. The main contender clients of µTorrent like BitComet and Azureus pale in comparison. µTorrent is simply magic.

Here is why in my humble and simple opinion that µTorrent is the best BitTorrent client out there.

  1. µTorrent is the smallest BitTorrent client around taking up only 178kb of space.
  2. µTorrent doesn't need to be installed. You just download the file from here to your desktop and start µTorrent as soon as your download is finished.
  3. µTorrent starts as soon as you open it. There's no load time whatsoever.
  4. µTorrent uses almost no computer resources. You won't even know it's running.
  5. µTorrent has the simplest and most elegant user interface.
  6. µTorrent has a simple preferences panel.
  7. µTorrent has the fastest download speeds I've ever seen. It even beats BitComet the supposed fastest.
What do you say?

~multum in parvo~

P.S: Dumbfounded by BitTorrent? Visit my previous BitTorrent guide here.

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  1. gungrave1988 said...

    Yeah!!! uTorrent Rocks!!! LOL (^__^)  


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