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(Here is an updated version of this story that was posted three days ago.)

Here is a true story about the utter foolishness of an arbitrary decision by a college called NGX caused by the selfish complaints of N and H. It involves the poor A Level Science students in the college.

This is how the farce took place. The chemistry lecturer L taught N's class from January to May last year. She also taught H's class since last March. Everything when on fine for the A Levels classes last year. The majority of students liked N.

Then came the first half of the A Level exams last November. Everyone sat for it and they went through it without incident. When their results came out two months ago everything changed for the worst. Dark clouds started to loom. Correction: N and H who were supposed good students each achieved a D not a B for their Chemistry and unfortunately went selfishly bonkers. Whether or not it was their mistake they decided to scapegoat L.

N went on bitching about how bad L was when she was teaching her for 6 months. Her bitching went up all they way to NGX's principal, F. Along came H who poured salt onto the open wound further confirming N's crap talk about L. Stupidly without investigating further NGX's management decides to replace L. Being fed up but not yet fired L resigns from NGX to pursue her PhD in protest.

Suddenly students find that L is being replaced. L actually isn't that bad. Some unexpected students actually scored an A for Chemistry. Many the students were naturally very pissed. Too bad nothing changed and L was replaced by a weirdo named J. Everybody wasn't happy with J. He was just a bad lecturer who knew nuts about the Chemistry Practical Exam.

With the Practical Chemistry trial just around the corner the A Level students of NGX now are forced to swim against a strong current. This is all because NGX listened too much to N and H. The asinine NGX has earned infamy for being too arbitrary. Selfish N and H can now hook up as everyone hates them to the core. Just as V said: "You can screw with anything, but don't screw us." V is an excellent student but is now having trouble because of the selfish and immoral acts of N & H. What now lies ahead for the weak ones?

(Updates start here)

This is V's side of the story. I have N's side of the fiasco too.

The chemistry lecturer L taught N's class from January to May last year. Everything when on fine for the A Levels classes last year. L was just simply a bad lecturer. She didn't know what she was teaching. All her Powerpoint slides were copied lock, stock and barrel from the internet or textbooks. To make matters worse the syllabus baffled her.

Somewhere in June 2006 O took over L. Everything seemed fine except that L screwed up her students learning for a time. Then came the first half of the A Level exams last November. Everyone sat for it and they went through it without incident. When their results came out two months ago everything changed for the worst. N knew L was to be blamed for her just horrible results.

N then sent a petition to get rid of L that started teaching her again this year. H being her boyfriend signed her petition along with many others to stop L from teaching them. One thing led to another and L resigned.

V then got came up with a counter petition when he found out that L was being replaced. V actually has finished his SAT and was just gaining a varsity experience from NGX. He being a jerk who loved when the blur L asked him question as though she knew nuts about Chemistry. V loved the fact he seemed cleverer than his lecturer. V realised that his new lecturer knew too much being very experienced wasn't less clever than him.

Apparently by getting a counter petition signed V slandered N making her lose friends. The position is like this now. N hates V like hell for making her lose friends. V hates N like hell for taking away his enjoyment. N even told me she would punch V in the face if he ever faced her. I was imagining how hilarious it would be. V gets punched by a girl and stumbles to the floor having his already red face turn red from embarrassment.

Another fact that has emerged is J is actually very experienced. He has thought A-level Chemistry for 30 years. That V is a big fat liar! He was not having tough time preparing for his practicals!

Altogether N really, really hates NGX simply because they hire lousy lecturers!*laugh* That's N's testimony for you.

Anyway, H is a real backstabber. Apparently he influenced N to persuade M to testify that his one time lecturer was no good. M was unknowingly testifying against L thinking he is complaining about O. N and H then manipulated L into thinking M not N and H were responsible for her forced resignation. M is suddenly a bad guy. He liked the fact that L tries her best to teach. Sadly, L now has hatred towards M.

Could this be a parable cautioning against anti-democratic decisions, manipulation (backstabbing included), selfishness and incompetance?*grin* Bring on your comments.

Names were changed in this post to protect myself against libel lawsuits, the wrath of my sponsor and the hatred of my friends. NGX is a code, try breaking it but I won't confirm your guess.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Maverick said...

    Broke the code. It would have been too much of a coincidence for my guess to be wrong. And I don't trust in coincidences - well, not always.

    It's a case of serious mismanagement on the varsity's part. Someone was wronged and accused of doing something she didn't. Now the students will have to bear the brunt of the cost of losing her.

    Such is the mystery of the human temper. When not reined in by the rational mind, it can lead to violent storms and people'll get hurt. This time, the storm swept across the campus and affected many people in a way they never wanted.

    Hopefully those two rapscallions surrender and explain themselves to the varsity authorities. Then again, we know human nature all too well, don't we, hmm?

    ~verus rara avis~  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Too bad L is gone and won't come back. She definitely won't want to come back to a college that trashes employees for the slightest student rant. NGX really should buck up!

    N and H fortunately are slowly being offered forgiveness.

    As for J he used to work in WF. He was kicked out for offering bribes to the WF Exam Department so that they would leak out the actual A Level Chemistry paper. After being sacked he worked as a private tutor until NGX hitched him for a part time post.

    My caution to everyone is that NGX is a bad place to do A Level Science. Even good students are ruined in that college. Stay away from it! Other courses are fine.

    ~multum in parvo~  


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