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Just in case you've ever wondered about it, here's an answer from

Donald Duck Ride
(0_o) ..w00t!!

Now the million dollar question: guess who's the pervert. *grins*

~verus rara avis~

2 mad rant(s):

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    If my mind wasn't corrupted last time, I saw that picture before.

    It seems that Donald wanted an express ticket to fulfill his lust. The reason why we can't see his third member is because it's retractable just like all ducks. A more innocent explanation would be no pants could fit his tail. Wearing pants would crush his tail.

    The ride is also very perverted. The maker obviously was waiting for the day an innocent child clad in a miniskirt came on the ride. The guy is surely a pedophile who wanted to hump little girls. Perhaps he had furry fantasies about children too.

    The picture is hilarious but also very disturbing at the same time. The ride will rock back and forth simulating dry humping or in the case of the picture apparently the whole act. Imagine if a child rapist was doing the same thing to a small girl in a Donald Duck suit.*cackle*

    ~multum in parvo~

    P.S: How will this ride look like in an adult entertainment theme park? What will it do?*grin*  

  2. Generic Pharmacy said...

    The picture is hilarious but also very disturbing at the same time.  


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