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American Arrogance

Another school/campus shooting has occurred in the US of A. This one happened in Virginia Tech university and is the worst shooting to date. Altogether 33 people including the gunmen were shot dead. Everyone knows this is a tragedy for the victims, their friends and family, and America. But, we must realise the ease of gun possession is the main cause of the tragedy.

All I can say is American lawmakers and their gun lobbyist should examine their consciences. Do these people have to be so detached from reality? Prove is everywhere that tight gun controls safe lives. Ever heard of shooting sprees in Malaysia? Maybe before 1970 there were such incidents. The UK has a knife problem which costs lives but don't result in massacres. Knife massacres? I don't think so.

Self defence isn't a valid argument for gun ownership. Guns are designed to kill not only to disable a attacker. Tasers are safer to use. Invoking one amendment in the US Constitution that permits militias is ludicrous. It's obviously an offence to have a militia under the current US government. Militias are only permitted if there's a foreign occupation of America.

Therefore, it's accurate to say guns to many Americans is about arrogance. Power comes with the possession of powerful weapons. Guns feed the classic American thinking of might. Their adventures overseas already prove that America thinks its so high and mighty. Gun possession only reaffirms this primitive mentality. Elephant seals get their harems by fighting. The strongest bull wins. Americans like Bush think like an elephant seal. The show of force apparently forces people to kowtow. That's seriously utter stupidity! The world doesn't work that way. Look at Iraq.

Coming back to gun control we see the foolishness of America. Ego is more important than lives. These people will not control guns until thousands of Americans die in a single shooting spree!

There is also a further evil in the massacre. The Western media has shown its true colours once again this time. Sure, we will all agree that the Virginia Tech massacre is worthy of mention and is a tragedy but what of the 129 civilians killed in the suicide bombing? When it comes to news, people care about things like proximity and oddity. That may be unfortunate, but it's also human nature and it's one of the first lessons in journalism. Humans are just like that. It's also too bad that Westerners think their lives are worth a thousand gold bars whereas the other people are worthless.

If we didn't think like that the world would be heaven now. No more starvation. No more wars. No more suffering. Is human nature inherently evil?

~multum in parvo~

P.S: People are also more interested in shallow celebrities who waste money, talk trash and don't know how to keep their legs shut (zippers close for males) sometimes producing little shallow humans.

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