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Fly My Child

Notice anything peculiar? Try to guess before reading more about this post and finding your answer.

We have an injured sparrow here. It couldn't fly. Someone put it on the table two days ago on a table outside my classroom. My friend JJ first stroked in with a highlighter. He then tried to coax it to fly by pushing it up using the highlighter. It seemed to be working but it just failed to fly.

We gave it some bread crumbs. Then it started pooping much to JJ's wrath. He started to push it around the table in a vain effort to rouse the bird. Finally after failing to make it fly we left it there and went for class. When we finished sitting for the lecture the sparrow had disappeared.

It's been two days now since I saw the sparrow. Farewell sparrow!*salute*

~multum in parvo~

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  1. gungrave1988 said...

    What a cute sparrow! probable a cat got to it first before it tried to fly away....(>_<) Sry my bad. That was plain cruel & inhuman...  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Naaah... there aren't any sparrows that prowl KDU. (surprisingly)

    I think it just needed time...

    Then again... maybe a cat did get it after all...  

  3. thwen said...

    it looks like a toad from far, haha!  

  4. Esther said...

    oh my gosh. that's so so so so cute. and you know what? it's the cutest thing i've seen for today.  


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