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Three Crimes

He just coldly said,"Gimme all your money."

Have you ever been mugged? Well three of my friends including arbiter (Jaspreet aka. Kwatra) my best friend and fellow RANDTSter have experienced an encounter with muggers. One was mugged, one was "saved" and another fought back and escaped. Here are their tales.

Let me first talk about Shum my fellow Law classmate from Ipoh who told me about almost being mugged or robbed yesterday.

On Tuesday afternoon he walked back to his rented home from KDU to drop of his laptop before heading to Ikea. His home is not really far from the college. He had his laptop with him. As he reached the gate of his residence there were two suspicious Indian guys standing in front of the gate across the road. Shum became suspicious and spooked so he quickly opened his gate and dashed in the house. After keeping his laptop he went for the door of his home. Upon opening it he saw the suspicious men again. This time was standing in front of his gate and the other was obscured by bushes. Fearing for his safety he called Melvin (big and tall Punjabi) and gang to "save" him. When Melvin and gang arrived, the Indian guys disappeared. Shum was saved for the day.

Jaspreet's experience was far scarier as it involved violence, strength, bravery and speed. I was told this true story last week about Jaspreet being grabbed from behind a couple of weeks ago by juggernaut himself.

He was walking on a road near KDU one morning. All of a sudden an African criminal-student one head taller than him grabbed our friend from behind. He just coldly said,"Gimme all your money." Not wanting to give up his stuff Jaspreet turned and quickly pushed the black menace to the ground. He then just quickly darted to the Petronas station nearby. After a while Jaspreet walked out of the petrol station and his assaulter was nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, Jaspreet didn't see his attacker's face so there was no use reporting the incident. However, I suspect there's an African criminal studying in KDU.

Let's now shift our attention to Denish from Bahau, my new friend for a violent finale. He told me yesterday about being mugged not too long ago.

Denish was walking around his neighbourhood on one night. Out of nowhere two Indian criminals grabbed and dragged him into a dark back alley. One of them immediately gave our poor friend two punches. The other grabbed Denish's handphone. They claimed Denish was disturbing their sister which was obviously a lie. They then shouted a few profanities and warned him about disturbing their "imaginary" sister. He was then pushed to the ground and those thugs walked off with his handphone. Denish is a tall and slightly thin dude. Was he easy prey or numbers emboldened those human trash?

The stories of my friends prove that crime can really hit home!

Crime is now a serious issue in Malaysia. Do you fear the current crime rate? Please share your encounters with criminals as comments for this post too. I know that my language is as stiff as wood so maybe you all could elaborate your experiences in a more fluid way.

~multum in parvo~

P.S: Don't worry too much about crime instead try eating sliced papaya enhanced with a squeeze of lime just as I always do.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Actually there wasn't much for me to give... I was out for an evening jog y'see? So i didn't even have my wallet or anything... Just my hand phone and the clothes on my back... And i wasn't about to give up those anytime soon. Funny though now that i think about it... He was wearing a bright red Man-U Polo shirt and Blue Denims... More proof that footballers and their fans are criminals? >;P  


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