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Yes. No. Maybe...

I see everyone's in the mood for love. I'd love to join in, but I think that's enough "loving" for now. I'll keep it for some other time..*wink*

Anyhoo, here's a question, what consitutes the right decision?

Is it that feeling you get when you have achieved something you really desired? Or is it the feeling of satisfaction when you have finally made a decision minus the regrets?

And how do you make that right decision?

(As cliched as this may sound)By following your heart? Or by letting others dictate your future undertakings?

...making the right decision. Should you do it yourself or let others do it for you?...

A friend's brother got an offer to further his tertiary education in the UK and he turned it down. Reason : He thinks Malaysian unis are not that bad. Clearly his brother(my friend) is itching to whack him with a thick dictionary right now.

And then this friend of mine also plans to defer his studies and continue his undergraduate studies in January. Which also means he'll be stuck in UTAR's new campus in Kampar and thus, I will lose my one and only verbal sparring partner. Oh the tragedy...LOL.

And then he also proceeded to tell me that he is sticking to his original major (Electrical Engineering) instead of pursuing his passion, English Lit, mainly because his parents won't let him switch his majors. I asked him if that was what he wanted? After all, it is his life. He will be the one deciding of he wants to work with machines or people. He hesitated - something I've never seen him do - before answering "Yes".

Somehow I know that he's making a big mistake. I know he loves to write. Heck, he has even shown me his stories before and they're good. But I can't change his mind, no one can. In his opinion, he is entitled to listen to his parents cause "they're the ones paying".

In this case, his parents' decision may not be right but I guess they have his best interests at heart.

So, making the right decision. Should you do it yourself or let others do it for you?

If you decide to do it yourself, you will definitely think it is the best decision for you, even if that feeling only sticks for a few days before you start doubting yourself.

But what if you let others do it for you? Does that still constitutes the right decision?

Well, I don't know. No one does..

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