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- Albert

Taking leave

Just a short announcement here. I foresee that I shall be facing some matters arising that need to be resolved, and as these matters are no petty ones, I am trying to muster all the strength I have to endure all these matters.

As such, you may not be seeing me post in RANDTS that often anymore. The next time you see me posting would be the time when the matters have really been resolved.

Things have happened again lately in my life, and I am trying to seek help. It's not easy to find help now that there are certain reasons which I will not divulge here, and I don't think I need to do so either.

These issues are those with very uncertain results. If all goes well, then it will be fine. But even if it goes a bit wrong in the beginning, many lives can be affected, especially mine.

Besides that, I don't really know what to write now that exams are drawing close. Fulfilling the two-posts-per-week (or eight-posts-per-month) quota isn't such a problem for me; it's getting a topic to write about.

With that, I sign off. God bless.

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