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Self Denial

Believing in your own lies is an act that not only damages one's self but the potential for collateral damage is very high.

The Soviet Politburo learnt this the very hard and bitter way. In the 1970s all was well for the USSR especially in the military field. During that time their military prowess was on par with the Americans. Nevertheless, Soviet economists pointed out a serious flaw in Communist Russian Empire, its economy was failing. The Politburo believed their economists but just brushed the economic problem being drunk with illusions of grandeur. The late President Brezhnev talked about is slowing but still growing Soviet economy ignoring the fact that the Soviet economy was slowly experiencing total meltdown. Brezhnev being a political dinosaur brought stagnation to Russia.

The most outward signs of this imminent meltdown was an ever growing Soviet black market. Social indicators also started sliding. By the time Gorbachev opened up the Soviet Union to the rigors of the market, its economy just collapsed altogether significantly contributing to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Politburo today is nothing but an echo of the past.

I know of certain facts that one government denies found on today's SMS your views page of The Star. Somebody has to wake up before that certain country gets "burnt".

~multum in parvo~

P.S: I'm certain that I'm inarticulate..

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