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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Random story

My Slate I, 27th Sept '06. Agent A and B were assigned by their faceless boss C to find Harry Potter. Young Harry was a man..or rather, adolescent being hunted; his name placed on the dreaded Schindler's List. The 2nd part of the saga (My Slate II) showed us the bad blood between Agents A and B. Past tensions resurfaced about a Prada-wearing Devil...and the 3rd episode (My Slate III) sees the duo reconciling their pasts. Harry is found but they face a deadly nemesis in Coyote Ugly and his henchmen.

And now, taking movie titles from the 1930's...Out in the city square-

Harry (HP): Alright! There he is! M, over here!*waves frantically to The Aviator*
B: Wow! Look at the size of that plane, A! Them 'plane builders just get better an' better in these Modern Times...How is he gonna land though?
A: Those City Lights ought to help; the brightness will stop him from crashing into the buildings. When Mr. Smith Went to Washington, he kept complaining the lights blinded him...

*the aircraft lands smoothly and the trio embark the plane*

M: So, Harry, why'd you call me for? *pats HP fondly on the head*
HP: Sir, you've gotta help me!...I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang!
M: Bless The Wizard of Oz! How DID that happen?
HP: *leans in* Well, It Happened One Night...

-The murder of Sir Dodsworth, a rare honest politician, by powerful underworld members had caused chaos. His closest aides were given death sentences, among them, young Harry. The prison that enclosed them was a hell unimaginable to any human. Those who entered never saw the light on day again.-

HP: I was spending A Night at the Opera house, lying low from Coyote Ugly, and I met this...*pauses* amazing girl.
B: *breathes* Sally...
HP: We were like The Adventures of Robin and my Maid Marion, y'know? We were together when I was captured but I pushed her into the darkness...and The Lady Vanishes to safety. Imagine my shock when she emerged as the Bride of Frankenstein, that is, the Pianist...the guy who arrested me.
M: *whispers* Holy shit.
HP: Sally and I communicated using the Code of the Secret Service. We'd never stopped loving each other. The Thin Man married her forcefully, to use her against me. *gets angry* By Jove, I'll kill him!
A: So the stories are all true. I overheard at Le Quai des brumes that you were in Duck Soup for creating Trouble in Paradise. If you can call being married to the Pianist paradise anyway... *snorts disdainfully* Well, it's All Quiet on the Western Front now. Let's get moving and we'll be Gone With the Wind.
HP: Where will we go now?
B: First, we'll take you to visit old Scarface. The Invisible Man wants to see you first. Take the One Way Passage, M.
M: Righto, chief...

-the plane quietly ascends and disappears into the night sky-

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