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Hei guys, haven't been posting for a long time. Thought of maybe sharing some interesting pictures that I have up my sleeve. Here are the pictures....

*Here's a picture of a cat taking a nap on the grey pavement. Manage to capture the moment before it could open it's eyes to notice me there. (^__^)

*I saw this orange cat when I went to brush my teeth one morning. I quickly got my Nokia N93 & took a picture of it. Looks like it was posing for the camera, don't you think? By the way, the tooth brush in the picture is not mine. Maybe cats brush their teeth in the morning? (>__<) LOL

*This is a picture of my two friends, Winnie & Kee Siong. I took it during a dinner event for our university. Looks like I took the picture at the wrong moment. Look at Winnie's expression! Funny, isn't it? (^__^) haha Looks like a monkey eating a banana! {If Winnie is reading this, please forgive me! I'll buy you a treat sometime,ok?}

*I took this picture while I was walking to my lecture. The fountain reached over the roof! I noticed the plumber tied his best to stop the water from rushing out but in the end, all he succeeded was getting himself wet. (T__T) I wanted to help but...Lecture calls!!

*I took this picture as I was passing by after a walk. It looked kind of nice. The yellow flowers suited the sunny, shiny day at that moment. Really beautiful. (^__^)

*I found this bones in a crime scene a long time ago. Really terrible. The victim was a young boy who was stabbed 24 times, punched in the face 30 times & burried alive with the knife still stabbed in him. The killer was never found....

*I'm kidding. (^__^) It's actually bones from the chicken feet stew that I had once during an outing with my family. I sort of arranged it to resemble a hand...Does it look like a hand? Did I fool you?

*I took this picture when we went for an outing at the beach. We caught this two crabs & thought of taking a picture of them. I know it's obvious but which one is a dead crab? If you zoom into the picture, this picture somehow makes me feel uncomfortable......I think I'll move along now....

*This is a sort of a tattoo that I drew with my pen. I was bored & decided to draw on my wrist all of a sudden when I was in a meeting. What do you guys think? Let me hear your opinion,k?

*Here's a little picture of me in my room. Behind me is Henry's table. Just thought of trying to take a picture of myself. If it looks bad, do tell. (>__<)

*I was caught lazing around by one of my friends during a meeting. He took a picture of me & them he edited it. I'll get him someday....Definitely...(=__=)'''''

That's all the pictures I want to share with you guys for now. I'll post more in the future & fill the minimum quota recommended by Comrade Cripple. Till then, take care guys. Going to sleep now....(-__-)....Gd night....(-__-)""Zzzz...Zzzz

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    You have a pretty eventful life. What's with cats in UTP? If I was in your shoes those will be sorry. There is a certain grudge for cats in me. BTW, nice tattoo design.

    You could post fewer photos in a post to prevent info overload for some people. So post photos again the next time ok?

    ~multum in parvo~  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    It seems that Jared has the same grudge for cats as you do. He would pick up a cat & toss it as far as he can....(T__T)

    Ok, I'll keep that in mind,comrade. So I should just post a few pictures nest time,right?  


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