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Where I Wanna Be

I wanna get married and have kids!

I have no idea what really got me of wanting to settle down, get :

  • Good looking
  • Economically stable($$$)
  • Smart
  • Caring, loving, sweet ROMANTIC, spontanious
husband, live in a fine house plus 2 beautiful daughthers and 2 hot sons. Perhaps Avril Lavigne's When You're Gone really made me think. NO idea how but yeah!

I mean, isn't it great to be a housewife? Waking up every morning by your hubby's side is always WAY better than waking up alone in my room. :P
After waking up, gently kiss your hubby to wake him up. If he still don't, spray your perfume near him.. Like how Secondhand Serenade's HalfAlive(i'm waking up to your perfume).
Then we'll get ourselves ready for work together, which i know i'll get ready faster than my man, i'll prepare breakfast and make the bed. Making bed is important for after marraige, coz comfortable and clean bed can set good mood for sex, which mean, good sex life. Then after my delicious and healthy breakfast, we'll kiss each other goodbye, and he'll drive his whatever car he wanna buy and i'll drive my Range Rover to my advertising company. Why drive different car? Coz i can rush home early to prepare dinner for him.. I would love to cook for every meal. After having a beautiful dinner together, we'll do something like movies, sports(futsal, tennis, badminton, swimming & etc) or take a walk on the beach and count the stars together by the beach. Living by a clean and gorgeous beach is very important to me.

I mean, if my life will end up like this, i am the LUCKIEST women on earth! Oh, did i missed out my kids?

We'll just take what i described as life before kids... Before we start to expand our family tree, we must be financially stable and i'll be the one who is planning how our family should spend our money and insurances, if i ever marry a guy like Ethan. If i don't, that guy who isn't Ethan can do the countings on his own, hopefully. After having my first born, it's a must for my hubby to send me to slimming program, i'm NOT gonna be a fat mummy! Haha.. Anyway, giving what my children what i didn't have when during my childhood life, is very important to me. I will probaly quit my job and be a full-time housewife to make sure my kids grow up in an educated way and i wanna be there for my kids. I wanna have time for my kids that my mummy didn't have most of the time. I just wanna be a good mummy that can bring up all of my kids well.

I've calculated, i can achive this lifestyle after 10 years, if i get the right man and financially stable to start a family. OK. This post is kinda crappy... Just let me dream a lil.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    *** Hello.... Is it me you're looking for... ***


  2. Melanie said...

    lolx.. we'll never know right? Haha.. But as for now, i am happy with Ethan(my boyfriend). He have what i'm looking for. :)  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...




  4. joe said...

    hey. haha... u noe wad. wad u wrote in ur post here doesn't just sound perfect 4 u. sounds almost even more perfect 4 whoever your future husband is. haha. all i can say is, "WOW" and i'll bet ethan is reali reali reali reali lucky 2 have u. haha  

  5. Melanie said...

    Haha! I'm not married yet la... But whoever my husband is, i'll treat him right!  


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