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Self deception

Have you ever deceived yourself? Have you ever thought that you could get away with things by convincing yourself that things will go well, although that in true fact it will not?

Well, if you have, then it is an obvious case of self deception. Sometimes the human brain simply works in ways that we couldn't understand. We keep fooling ourselves that things will work a certain way when it will simply backfire.

There are various reasons why we would sometimes deceive ourselves, but normally we do that because we are met with a dilemma and we are simply out of wits. However, self deception is something that is not healthy for us to live on. With self deception, our judgements are easily clouded and we will not be able to make good decisions. With self deception, we live in a world of fantasy rather than reality.

We cannot continue deceiving ourselves when we are faced with a dilemma. No matter how big the challenge can be, we have to face it bravely. Deceiving yourselves is equivalent to fleeing away from the problem; it will not make things well, but rather aggravates them.

We live in a world full of deception, but we have the choice of whether or not to deceive ourselves. If we allow ourselves to commit self deception, then we are dead to the world.

Self deception can bring about self destruction. As we live in an imaginary world, we shut ourselves off reality and claim that reality is imaginary. We will refuse to admit that things have to be the way they are, whether they are good or bad. A person who practises self deception will continue to live in the bubble unless they prick it themselves and face the world boldly.

So, what say you? To deceive yourself or not to deceive yourself? The ultimate decision is in your hands.

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