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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Jared Ee (A Tribute)

Here's a "toast" to our first administrator, Maverick aka Jared.

This here lean man named Jared,
My best pal of all times since I remembered,
The day he cracked jokes,
Made me often, in glee, choked.

This blessed man here,
Has often lent me his ears to hear,
My whims, my problems, my troubles,
Really, my brother, you are indeed able.

After Rector's Cup Debates at the Executive Lounge. I (left) was the emcee and Jared (right) was the Chairperson for the English Language Debates.

Such close classmates we were,
It was a pity I didn't get to know you earlier,
Nevertheless, it is never too late,
I'm glad our efforts have paid.

I thank God for you, Jared,
A wonderful friend to many,
I enjoyed everything funny and absurd,
It was worth every penny.

Though sometimes I forgot about you,
You kept me in mind, unwavered,
Always there for me, too,
For that you shall always be revered.

This guy here has an ability,
Girls, whatever race, simply dear him,
Countless friends is his speciality,
I marvel, he rarely has whims.

Intelligence, ah! Need I say more?
It is like a mining field full of ore,
From anything social to academic,
Or just simply general knowledge to politics.

A Michaelian girl did a part-time job for Wrigleys in UTP. Yeah, back then my hair was really that short (crew-cut style).

A happy person you shall always see,
This man Maverick is always in glee,
A cheerful grin on his face,
He can make you laugh till yours sides ache.

His sense of humour amazes me,
Listen to his jokes and you will see,
How he can put yours to shame,
Me against him? No, don't even put my name.

Jared, here's my tribute to you,
Such a kind soul that you are, too,
A friend indeed you are true,
I pray that it will never rue.

While others have forgotten me,
You came and picked me up,
You laid down all for me to see,
And after I realised, we would go sup.

Forgive me if you were neglected,
Nothing could be more sinful than that,
From me so little you expected,
I salute you with my lowered hat.

Words alone cannot portray,
Indeed how gratified and blessed I am,
To have a friend whom I shall say,
"Thank you God! Bless his name!"

Pardon me for my poor usage of words this time. I intended to be more prolific and poetic, but this is the best that I can produce at the spur of the time. My mind is currently occupied with certain issues, and I've decided to make quite a drastic transition of my life again.

I won't like it, but I must make some changes and test the condition to see if my judgements are right. From this time onwards, I shall make judgements for myself.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    You forgot to mention his innate resemblance to a certain Simpson's character...

    Cheers mate!  

  2. Maverick said...


    Kudos to Arbitary Juggernaut for making the anti-climactic statement of the day. I'm so touched. *glares*

    Anyway Henry, I'm touched (honestly!) that you put this up for me. I'm quite embarrassed to read the way you describe me actually. Really, if I was that virtuous I'd be preaching a new religion to y'all.

    Still, nice to know one's efforts are appreciated once in awhile. You've been a great friend too. Thanks a lot! =)

    ~verus rara avis~  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    For all you know, the moment you preach, you'll be having dozens of followers. LOL.  

  4. Comrade Cripple said...

    Witness the rising of a new philosophical dogma of Saint Maverick as he steps forward into the masses. He will bring us prosperity and eternal peace. RANDTS will be his stepping stone as he shares his philosophy and knowledge here at present, in the world stage in the near future.*cheer*


    ~multum in parvo~  

  5. Maverick said...

    >> Comrade & Henry,

    LOL! Both of you flatter me too much. *runs into a dark corner to hide* =)

    Thanks for your sincere compliments! I really appreciate your support and the things all of you have done for me.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go finish the first manuscript of 'The Scriptures of Saint Maverick'. XD

    ~verus rara avis~  

  6. Arbitary Juggernaut said...



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