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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Have you forgotten us?

All right! Now with about half of my problems resolved, I'm quite ready to write again.

I'm afraid that this post will not be very pleasing to many of our RANDTSters here. As you may notice, I feel that I am beginning to lose the passion to blog here. Why? Pardon me for being straightforward here, but I feel that a lot of us are beginning to lose the passion that we initially had.

Has the spirit of "RANDTS-ing" begun to decline? What has happened to the initiative that we have pledged to this group blog in the first place?

Personally, I feel that RANDTS is not living up to its name anymore. In fact, this already seems to be the falling era of RANDTS. We have started this blog for hardly a quarter of a year, and it is already diminishing gradually?

We have Comrade "General" Cripple Albert to thank for keeping this blog "busy" and "filled". 92 posts from him! He puts a long-term blogger like me to shame! I have been blogging for more than two years now and I've written approximately 260 posts in total (including posts in my personal blogs). At the rate our Comrade is going, he would be exceeding my total number of posts in no time at all!

That's not to say that I don't appreciate your posts in this blog. Every post in this blog counts. It's just that I wish to see those who are in "dormant" mode would be active again and start writing here. You have been welcomed in this blog because we would like to see what you have in store for us! We want to learn from the rest of you, too! We want to know more about you through your writing!

I understand perfectly well that at times like this, we will be busy with assignments, examinations, quizzes, activities and the like. But do remember this blog, and the share that you have.

Jared, Joe and I looked forward to seeing this blog grow when we first started it. It did, initially, but now it certainly needs a boost.

Finding it hard to find a topic to write on? Well, that is because a lot of us don't have a specific topic to write on. If you do, for instance, like my roommate Gungrave1988 (aka Brian) who writes anime and movie reviews, then you will know what is there for you to write on.

This blog may not have a common writing theme, but it is through our diversity of thoughts that we are able to keep each other updated on a lot of things, thus enhancing our knowledge. We do not want to impose a certain theme because that would confine our scope of writing very much.

All I ask from all of you, dear RANDTSters, is that you do not forget this blog, that you are part of the RANDTS family. This blog has more than 15 members, not just the active five or six.

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    As the most active member of RANDTS I think it's time for us to have more stringent house rules. Many RANDTSers seem dead. Many seem to drop by only occasionally. There are 15 RANDTSters but I feel like with only 3 to 4 members. I will really lose passion on weeks when there's hardly any activity on RANDTS. Something has to be done seriously. Let's schedule a founders and administrators online discussion sometime when all of us have time. We'll straighten things out.  


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