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Life Game

This post is dedicated to wenli's latest post.

As a fan of online flash games I will tell you they are mostly purely for fun. But, some out there are actually educational. There's this game called 'Ayiti: The Cost Of Life' which educates you about poverty without the cynicism of the McDonalds game.

Basically the game is you playing dictator for a Haitian family of five. Your job is to tell the family where to work as, whether to send the children or not, what "infrastructure" goods to buy and what to do about their healthcare. The goal is to make sure the family is in a much better position after four years.

Try out the game. It's pretty educational and fun. Let us see how far your family goes after four years. A tip I'll give is money comes first, healthcare second and education third. Please be helpful too. I managed to give the family a large improvement. How will you fare?

~multum in parvo~

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  1. wenLi said...

    It's quite similar to "3rd world farmer" wonder if you've tried that game. I quite like it though, the graphics are neat, and it's educational. Thanks for the recommendation!  


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