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Are you bored?

Feeling bored at the moment? Don't know what else to do? Currently staring blankly at the screen? Fret not, spice up your online experience with these free online games!

Seriously, this is not an advertisement.

There's nothing like blogging when I'd first started using the internet, I'd used the internet for the sake of gaming. I would search high and low for games and battle my time away. But I'm not refering to RO, Gunbound or any MMORPG sort of games. I'm talking about flash games or kill-time games. I would challenge one game after another until my mum had to pull the plug off. No I was just kidding! It's always been my all time favourite, even until now.

There's a variety of games to choose from and I enjoy playing them simply because there's no installation required and it's free! I don't have to go all the way spending money on just one particular game and get bored after a few weeks as I can browse through tonnes of free games that's available on the web. Just give it a click, wait for the game to load and you're all set to play. And of course, not all games are worth playing because I understand that some are really crappy, graphics or fun wise. So, I'm here to share with you some of the games that in my opinion are worth trying out.

Before that, make sure that your computer supports flashplayer (Java, Adobe flashplayer, the likes), these programmes will be auto-configured when you start the game. Otherwise, an auto installation is supposed to prompt you if your computer doesn't have the required software.

Here are few of the gamesites with large collection of games ranging from action, strategy to puzzle games.

Top recommendations:

McDonald's Videogame
Isn't it cute??!
It's in your hands now to run the world's largest franchise company, McDonalds. Manage your company from breeding cattle, production to promotional and higher management. It's great fun! Click here to play.

Your mission in this online puzzle game is to guide your robot through a series of mysterious and puzzling levels. Use the mouse to point and click where you want your robot to go. You have to solve puzzles to make your way ahead. Sometimes you will need to pick up items and combine items in your inventory. The game provides you with useful informations along your way. Click here to play

A witty game, point and click the correct combination and order to solve the level. Trust me this game is tough. There's currently up to 3 stages. Click here to play.

Quickie games you can play in less than a minute:

Dojo delivery Dash

Just follow the arrow to the designated drop point.

More reviews to come! Enjoy! Oh no...Am I being childish?

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    Just to add to wenli's list is Armorgames. The best hobby programmed flash games are found here. The site is updated weekly. Check out their top games as they are pretty slick. I especially like Dark Cut

    ~multum in parvo~  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    Try this other websites.
    The game is called battleon. It kinds of interesting in the start but can get really boring after awhile. There's tons of stories that you can play as a warrior in the world of BattleOn. Another game would be It's an interactive game & even if you are a free member, u can still get tons of features from this game. Try them & see for yourself... (^__^)  


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