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Navy Showers

Basic Steps of a navy shower

1. turn on the water
2. immediately wet the body
3. turn off the water
4. soap up and scrub
5. turn the water back on and rinse off the soap

This bathing method is universal to we Malaysian town dwellers. Nevertheless, many Americans don't shower this way. They keep the water on while they scrub on the soap. Of course this wastes a lot of water. As self-righteous resource wasters our way of bathing is alien to them. Navy personnel were forced to use our way to save fresh water on-board ships. It's very sad that people have to urge others to take navy showers through green living campaigns such as on sites like Treehugger. Remember that we are prudent resource users compared to many arrogant Americans the next time you read, hear and/or see anything about green living...

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Since were on the subject of military grooming styles...

    "In the army they teach you how to was your hands,
    In the marines they teach you not to piss on your hands"



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