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The Joker

We can't expect everybody to be like us. What is life if everybody is just the same? However, sometimes we just wish that certain people would just not exist in our lives because they often promote death more than giving life.

Nowadays, I've been met with a certain group of people whom I don't favour at all. In fact, they get on my nerves so much that I am starting to have nothing to do with them anymore. Well, maybe that's a little bit too much but I feel I'm beginning to distance myself from them.

If they are wearing masks, I feel like ripping their masks off to see their true side. If they don't, I feel like ripping their faces.

Do you know how sad, unsettling and annoying it is to have friends who possess double personalities? Well, I hope that your friends are all true at heart, but I do have friends who have a certain appearance but yet the heart shows another side of things. This personality can just change in a matter of seconds or even minutes, some maybe hours.

Picture this scenario: a friend of yours comes to you in tears lamenting about his/her relationship problems. You begin sympathising this particular individual because he/she has done so much for this relationship. You console him/her but he/she still appears to be downcast. Your friend leaves upset and you felt really sorry that you couldn't help at all. However, the next moment, he/she tells another friend that their relationship has been great and you overheard the conversation.

I have been in such situations before, and I tell you the truth, I feel used and I feel that my compassion is being played around. I get upset when people start playing with my feelings.

The worst part of all is that people with such double personalities have the tendency to backstab you too. Thankfully, though I have, in my company, some people who I label as "two-face", they have not gone to the extent of backstabbing me.

Sometimes I wish I could just pay them back the coin, but I simply don't have the heart to do so. Besides, what is it that I'll get from doing so? Is it going to benefit me in any way?

The problem with these double-personality individuals is that you don't know when they are showing their true self. Sometimes you feel that they are being "genuinely genuine" with you but they are actually being "genuinely fake". If they are wearing masks, I feel like ripping their masks off to see their true side. If they don't, I feel like ripping their faces.

I'm not stressed out or depressed about having such people around me; I'm just being frustrated. Is it too much that I ask them to be true to me?

Indeed, there are very few people who are true at heart and do not practise double personalities. In fact, it has come to a point now that I begin to think that nobody is really true at heart. I am beginning to doubt people whom I trust very much. I begin to hold secrets from them, something which I wouldn't do to somebody I really trust.

Besides God, isn't there anybody else who is true at heart?

Chill, Henry. Yeah, I know. Henry, this is the world. Oh, shut up.

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