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Random Rants

Although I've been having quite a hard time trying to have a conversation with people, there were a few who came over to me and actually asked me a few things which I responded. Eventually the conversation became so interesting that we kept talking about it. Surprisingly, I was the one being questioned and answering all of them without much hesitation.

I've turned a blind eye.

For some reason, here are the issues that were often brought up in my conversations, and more often than not, they keep asking me questions and I do all the answering:

  1. Relationships (Oh yes! The topic of the week! I've got so many people talking to me about it that I had to even write it out in my blog!)
  2. Life issues in university (Well, exams are coming soon now.)
  3. Why some people just can't do their part right (You know, authorities especially give quite a lot of trouble, due to bureaucracy.)

...just to name a few. I must thank them for they gave me the idea of what to write about in my blog.

So, what is the purpose of this entry, you ask? Well, actually, although I have found some ideas about what to write in my blog, I haven't found any to write here, and I don't intend to write about the ideas that I have here, lest I offend certain party. Let the offence not spread in public.

Lately, I have been very stressed because of the workload. Exams are arriving in about three weeks time, and I've got four tests altogether next week, with two assignments (among them one project bearing 40% of my total marks) to submit by next Friday, and I haven't started any of them yet. Great, isn't it?

This week also has reverted my life to my first semester life in Foundation last year. Not that I like going back to my old life last year because I intend to change this semester, but none of the changes were successful and appreciated so I decided to just give up and live my old life for now, believing it's for the best. Things around me have taken a quick turn, not really for the better though, but because I've taken immediate action, I'm being rewarded now.

I've always switched my eyes on to the minutest issues that are happening around me. Although it encourages me to assist people in whatever ways I can, sometimes I feel that my assistance just goes unnoticed. Therefore, I've now turned a blind eye to many of the issues happening around me. How do I feel now, then? Enlightened with very much less burden on my shoulders and couldn't care tuppence if the world is falling.

However, I'm still sensitive towards people, for example, if their expression suddenly changes, I'd be concerned. But due to my "turning a blind eye", I find myself with a "couldn't be bothered" type of look. This means I tend to feign indifferent.

I guess this is the real Henry, eh? Not really, for there is a life that I'm trying to attain, and just because I failed once in my mission doesn't mean I won't try again.

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  1. thwen said...

    I hope you weren't having the 'couldn't be bothered look' while replying my messages on Sunday, haha.  


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