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I've actually used this title before to write on a similar topic, but never mind, I'll use it again for a different purpose. Actually this post sparked off when I heard that Joe got invited into a jazz band, which he has always wanted to join.

I've always wanted to form or join a local chamber orchestra since I've started learning the piano. To be very honest, I never had the opportunity to do a classical music performance with a chamber orchestra. No, although I had performed in a small orchestra before during my school dramas, they don't count.

I always have problems trying to find people who know how to play different instruments, such as the violin, flute, trumpet, cello etc. However, I have no luck, or when I could find a talent, that particular individual is not so passionate about playing anymore due to studies and the like.

Now that I'm in university, I noticed that there is this girl from church who knows how to play the violin, and she has a diploma qualification, too! I've heard her playing and even got to play with her during worship in church. I could see that she is really good and I have always wanted to at least duet a classical piece with her. Still, because I don't really know her well and neither does she to me, I cannot be sure if classical pieces are really to her liking now. You know how people's tastes change.

Two of my goals in the field of music are to make a public performance next year (at the same time sitting for my Diploma in Public Performance examination) and to form or join a chamber orchestra. The former goal can be achieved easily. It's the second goal that needs work.

Seeing people play in an orchestra always thrills me, which is why I join the Chinese orchestra. However, I want to duet or trio with my piano, which is my major instrument. I never seemed to have that luck and it is so difficult to find people of the same sort of interest with me, that is being interested in classical music.

Seriously, playing a duet or trio (or better still, a quartet) has always been my dream, and it's yet to be realised. To Joe, if you have the chance to go or a jazz band and you like it, I say go for it. When it's not to your liking then you can decide otherwise. Opportunities like this don't come often, and mine has yet to present itself.

Therefore, are there any musicians out there who can play any instrument besides the piano? Anyone interested to duet or trio with me? If there are, I'd gladly arrange a day when we can all meet and do a "chamber".

Music has all this while been my passion, and my orthodox sort of training has brought me up to have a strong liking for classical music alone. My passion for classical music is such that I never got myself exposed to Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, R&B etc. until just very recently. There are the pros and cons of such orthodox training.

The advantage is that you get to train your technique properly and use your technical abilities to produce a great performance. However, such orthodox training may hinder creativity especially when you have to play a modern piece, which require improvisation, knowledge of certain chords and so on. Also, musicians that are trained like this can play very well according to the score, but may find it hard to play by ear, unless you have the gift of perfect pitch.

I'm really looking forward to the day when I can perform with a small group of musicians, those who share the same interest as me. It would really be a memorable one for me.

Will my dream remain just as a dream? I've waited for ten years already.

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