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dont u just hate VAIN people who supposedly are in denial?

caption for this picture of a girl with long gorgeous legs with polka dot dress and big write shades.
“ugghhh!!! im fat and i look ugly! look at my fat chicken legs (me, searching for the chicken leg) and my fat cheeks (me, taking the magnifying glass and aiming it at her cheek) and my small boobs (me, not doing anything. coz yea, it is small). i hate my face!! its ugly! (no its not.)“

i dont get you pretty, vain people. you just sarcasticly say negative stuff about yourselves when in fact, its not true. and i dont get people who post those so-called cute pictures of themselves online, and they know its cute (fuck, with the japanese peace sign, its always cute isnt it?), yet, they say that its ugly.

owh. c’mon la. if you know that you ugly (and seriously, i DO think that you are, whoever you are), then dont post those so-called cute pictures of you, and deny it being ‘cute’. its pathetic and sad.

unless you have the need to make us fat, real chicken-legged people feel good, just coz you want God to not punish you for sleeping with your best friend’s guy, then, it all make sense. but other than that, i dont see the point of saying that you’re ugly, when you’re not.

i mean, some people, DO look ugly without even trying. the more they try, the uglier they look. so yuck. but i mean, these people do know that deep inside that they look good, yet when it comes to posting picture online, they go on telling people that they look ugly just cuz they want to be all modest and stuff.

thats just pathetic and sad. take it from me. modesty, is ssooooo last season. being utterly superiorly (if there is such word) vain is in.

face it.

people. wait. SMART people like me and you (we are born smart you know?), wouldnt stupidly post ugly, fat, stupid, UGLY, un-cute, un-sexy pictures of ourselves, especially online. we are not made to do that. unless you’re someone who doesnt care how ugly your picture looks like lah. then that’ll be a different story.

so hey, when you vain people out there do post your pictures online, and you fucking know that deep inside that your picture is fucking hot, please. PLEEAASSEE… dont tell us that you look ugly.

coz sweety, thats just D.U.M.B!

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  1. joe said...

    lol... tts quite wad most ppl think nowadays. bout ppl who do tt. haha, i have 2 say i agree with u totally  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Vain people in denial are insecure people. Ignore em'!  

  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...



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