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Love is in the air!

Speaking of love, who's in love? (not the love you have for your parents or friends but someone special) Love; It can hurt.., it can make you happy! How is it that one can wait for him/her for years? How long does it take for one to fall in love? How would you know that you are in love? Because you are thinking about him/her all the time? Because you two blush whenever you two meet? Because your friends say so? So, how would you know?

Love at first sight: Is it for real or is it just a saying? What would you look for in a person of your criteria? If your first impression on someone with blue eyes, has spiky brown hair/ long "fluffy" (???) hair, 1/2 a head taller/shorter than you, would you approach him/ her? Well, that happens mostly in movies, don't you think? But beauty isn't only on the outside. Beauty is also from the heart. If your heart is beautiful, then you are too and that is what makes you love and be loved.

Here's something I have been trying to figure out for quite some time. If you have been hurt by love before, how did 'hurt' feel? Do you only feel blue? If you say pain, does your heart feel pain or is it only a figure of speech? Does your heart skip a beat? Do you feel as if there is a knife slicing your heart bit by bit? Do you feel pain physically? If love hurts, would you continue loving that person or move on? If love hurts so much, why wouldn't some people stop loving and stop attempting suicide?

I wonder... Are there people who would think and list down the pros and cons of love? How does love give a happy feeling to one? Are there neurons, hormones and other cells involved? Is there a chemistry equation to it (besides the pheromones)? Lastly, is love right for us? or should we wait until we are older (20 plus) to fall in love?

I've got to be mad to ask so many questions...

5 mad rant(s):

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  1. joe said...

    i just love ur curiosity. haha. wad i tink, love is never according 2 wad we plan it 2 b. we can have all these criteria n perceptions of beauty, but when love happens, it just happens. ul just noe it. even with the most unexpected of ppl. im in such a situation actuali.

    does love hurt? yes it does. but then all this is onli part of the whole cheese. ppl in love can just hurt each other repeatedly and say the wrong things all the time. but in the end every time u meet, ur heart still beats at a nervous beat tt happens onli when u r with him/her. so even if it hurts, u still noe there is something worth all the pain, tt u just can't let go of it lyk tt.

    having a whole new science 4 love is not going to work; instead i think the whole essence of love n relationships is in itz unconventional n random nature. no formula is going to make it work, unfortunately. yea, so no easy way out. haha  

  2. TOTallyTOT said...

    To answer one of yr questions, when it hurt, it just hurt.Well, to be fair, in my case, it wasn't love, it was merely a crush..Some ppl might say they feel as if someone just sliced their heart with a knife or someone just ripped out their heart in cold blood. But to me, it just hurt. Nthg can desribe the feeling, you just feel down, and kinda hopeless. Hard as it was for me, I had to let go because as I see it, he wasn't worth my feelings. It took me more than a few months though. It was a hard time but it was a learning experience...

    But hey, his loss right?! LOL.  

  3. Esther said...

    hey joe, ever wondered if there is a formula to generate love? lol.. you can make anyone to just fall in love with you without using cupid's arrow.

    tot, you took a few months? that's long... and yes, definitely his loss...  

  4. joe said...

    if there was a way perhaps i just don't know about it. when it happens it happens. even if u do d right things at d right time, if d person just doesn't fall 4 u, itz no use either. unfortunately. not tt i know of. lol  

  5. gungrave1988 said...

    What Esther said kind of reminded me of an old movie I watched before. It was called "Love Potion No. 9" if I'm not mistaken. It's about a guy who was a scientist & a geek who didn't have any luck in love.

    One day he came across a fortune teller who was a gypsy. After telling the gypsy his problems, she gave him a potion called love potion no. 9. It had the power to make any1 fall in love with you for a certain period of time. {Can't remember how long. (>__<) } At first he didn't believe what the gypsy said but he gave it a try & found out that it really worked. He shared his secret with a lab partner at the place he worked. They both used the potion to make ever girl & guy fall in love with them. They had fun & realized that they had so much in common.

    Later a jealous co-worker found out bout the guys secret & stole from the gypsy all the love potion. Then he used it to forever bound the girl who the main character liked to him by giving the love potion to her ever time he had the chance. That's when the main character realized how important the girl was to him & realized that for the first time, he was in love. To save the girl, he asked to gypsy for help.

    So the gypsy gave him another potion,"Love potion no. 8" which will only work if the other loves you too. If the other loves you as well, both of then will together forever & be truly in love. Finally the guy manage to make the girl realize her true feelings for him & the spell was broken. They got together & lived happily ever after. I liked the movie but I can't find it at all. (T__T)  


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