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Referring to the title of the post, I would like to inform all of you that I've decided to work on a project named "The World We Live In: A Portrait of Life and Death" starting from today onwards.

Basically, as the title suggests, I'm challenging myself to portray the world we live in, its inhabitants, scars, inner beauty and whatnot in portraits (not necessarily in portrait form, but you get what I mean, no?). In other words, I'll be painting what I see in photographs taken by my camera (or equivalent). I'm still unsure how things will go as the idea hit me while typing the title of this post not a minute ago. Hence, I'll be thinking over this, and will resume the normal habit of excessive photo-taking whenever, wherever and however.

Ah yes, it would be smashing if any of you RANDTSters, or non-RANDTSters, drop me some suggestions or opinions. Thank you.

Example of photo that will be taken under this project:

DSCN5097 copy

As for the photo above, I took it on the same day as the picture of the Volvo Amazon (posted under Vintage on Wheels). I was waiting for a friend in the Titiwangsa LRT station, when I saw this. It was a sight to behold, though the subject isn't very beautiful, or spell-binding. It's not very inspirational too, but heck, it's reality, not surrealism.

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  1. gungrave1988 said...

    Quite an interesting idea. So you decided to take pictures that show the moments in our life & comply it under this project,right?  

  2. thwen said...

    Hmmm... yes. Not only those special moments, but the reality of certain things we have to face in life. But I still haven't give this 'project' much thought... Haha!  


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