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The Bhai Got Angry

Wednesday, June 14th, 2007 AD.
The shit hit the fan between a Malay dude and this here Furball.

Our college (KDU) I must first say has a very nice and reasonably well thought out canteen. Plus the food isn't half bad and the prices are reasonable. But this incident revolves around a particular section of the cafeteria - The Drinks/Desert/Breakfast Stall (yea I know but seriously thats what we all call it)

First off I will try and give you an idea of the configurations of this here stall, well actually i just want to point out that the stall has this glass divider/sneeze-guard thingy over the actual counter.

The incident happened in the morning (and i have changed the names of those involved to maintain anonymity) a friend of mine X was at the stall getting his morning caffeine fix. Nice guy, on the stocky side, stout as a wall and just as hard to arm wrestle... ;P So anyways...
Hes' at the stall see? And he was leaning on the sneeze guard thingy (common activity for most people who visit the stall and do note that this divider is constructed of tempered glass and so should actually be able to take a hammer blow without breaking) and I see him see? So I come over all friendly and give him a man sized pat on the back see?
And guess what? Lo and behold the damn glass slides of its rack and crashes (shattering into a gazillion pieces) on what appears to be a basket o' eggs and some bread ready for toasting...

So now were both like: "Holy shit! WTF Just happened??!"

("What away to greet a friend eh? -.-")

Obviously the canteen people call the "manager" right so we wait...
He comes on all friendly and assures us straight away that its all cool after we explain that the glass pane (get this) wasn't even secured properly in any way to the brackets in which it was placed...

Then he surprises us and goes: "Yea it's ok thats happened like three times" or something to that effect. Now i dunno bout X, or you guys but at this point I was like: " 'WTF??! It has happened three times and you guys haven't even done a shit about it? I mean tempered glass can cause some serious shrapnel if the fall angle is just right"... (Can anyone say Claymore Mine?)

But okay, whatever right, so I was about to walk away and guess what happened?

This Skinny ass Malay dude that looks like a damn motherfucking high school dropout goes like "You Bayar saja la sekarang apa mau bising bising lagi!" (Just pay for the damages now la why you making so much noise?)

And I was like *WTF??!?*

And he goes on like he fucking owns the damn place! And the manager as nice a guy as he seems, just stands there doing shit!

Then I was fuming at that point see? And dearest X has (wisely and i don't blame him for this one bit) faded in to the background. And Canteen dude was still holding me in his gaze see? Like he wants me to respond, I was about to ignore him but...

(Now i would also like to point out again that the "manager" had already settled that neither me nor X was to blame)

He gives me one more stab too many and goes: "You yang kasi pecah! You bayar la!" (You broke it! Now pay for it!)

And me being the Gentleman that I am, decided i was obliged to do so...
Very Very Very vocally (as only an angry Bhai can ;D)

So I gave the guy a thorough sounding see? In front of the whole Fucking canteen. Very nice performance if I do say so myself. And guess what!? He gets so fucking dumbfounded that i know MALAY! LOL!

So anywys that was over with now we fast froward a few minutes, still in the canteen;

Four of us are sitting together see.
X and two girls and myself.

The girls are still trying to calm me down (got this ' ' close to punching he guys head in).
X is going on about how I handled that badly and should have been more "diplomatic".

And the ladies start spilling stuff about Malay dude see. Apparently he's also a notorious pervert when at the cashiers to the point that most ladies in their circle of friends would rather avoid the stall than have to deal with him. (note one of the girls is also Malay)

Oh and heres X's side of the story just for fairness sake... (this is his unedited testimonial)

So I was in college for an extra class, and while I was walking to the drinks stand to buy a coffee, I saw Jas. Now, obviously you don't just say hi to someone you haven't seen in weeks, so I gave him a manly pat on the shoulder (read: I whacked the shit out of him).

After the obligatory "Cibai-motherfucker" from him, I went to buy my coffee. After placing my order, I did what I almost always do - leant against the glass barrier separating the counter from the outside. Suddenly, I felt someone crash into me and heard a loud crash.

For a moment, I was almost speechless, but at the same time, I thought it was really friggin' cool. I think the first thing I did once I got over the shock was laugh. My only worry was that me or Jas would have to end up paying for the damage.

Fortunately, as it turned out, the manager said he didn't blame us. I thought that was the end of it, but while we were talking with the manager, one of the staff told us to pay - I don't remember his exact words, because I wasn't paying attention to his diatribe, so the only word I recall is "bayar".

Jaspreet exploded at him, and embarassed, I retreated to the table where we had been sitting. I didn't see a need to antagonise them - if I were Jas, I'd have ignored the guy altogether and just asked the manager to do something about his rude behaviour and insubordination (I mean, if your boss says he's not at fault, and you ask the fella' to pay...there's not another word for it).

Unfortunately, I'm not Jas, and so as it turns out now all the guys at the drinks stand don't like him. A lot. Talking to them is quite awkward now, but I just nod and listen to them rant. I see their point of view, because nobody likes to have an angry bhai yelling at them, but at the same time, nobody likes to be rudely told off by some guy in direct contravention of what his manager had just told you.

In any case, that's what happened. I think it's seriously cool, and hopefully they won't spit in my coffee. I probably won't be spending much time there anymore, since my exams are almost over anyway. :D

So guys wasup huh? Anybody else think i should have acted differently? Are we that afraid nowadays to be vocal against AssClowns such as our very esteemed Bumiputra example?

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  1. Comrade said...

    You should have just mocked him.  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    I'm no mocking bird...

    I'm a woodpecker and was this close to give him a good ol' pecking... ;P  

  3. thwen said...

    Thank goodness you didn't finish him up your fists. It wouldn't be wise to do so, you know.  

  4. johnleemk said...

    Haha, the other Malay people at the drinks stall are now pissed with you as well. :p  

  5. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    [huiwen] Yea i guess ure right about that... ;P

    [john] LOL! yea i figured that... Country men and all... Oh well like i said its not like i eat there much anywys...  

  6. Henry Yew said...

    Chillax man... It's over now. I understand how angry you must have been. To be accused for something you've not done is certainly the most frustrating thing that can ever happen to you.

    It's so easy for people to put the blame on anybody. Washing the blame off your name is the tough part, and you have to do it yourself.  

  7. joe said...

    dude, i think u should've killed him man... i hate ppl who go on barking lyk mad dogs n acting all big when they aren't... haha... just kidding la.. if i were u i would've done wad u did la.. so even tho it wasn't d best thing 2 do, i dun blame u  

  8. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


  9. gungrave1988 said...

    Wow...That's a really shitty situation....  

  10. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    u said it gungrave... ;)  


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