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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

Yes i have finally come around to compiling all of my quotable quotes. :D Funny isn't it? How Saying something obvious in a few cool sounding words can make a guy(or girl) seem oh-so-clever and ... well ... wise. ;P So anyways, Enjoy!

P.S. Watch this space as i will be updating it as i continue to find even more clever-sounding things to say! XD!

"I Fear not Certain Death, For for all Death is Certain"

"I am neither a candle to God, nor a rod to the Devil"

"Sticks and stones can break my bones, But i can break yours too"

"Life is a river, Go with the flow"

"A wrong decision now, is better than a right one too late"

"Never defend, For to do so is to lay bare your plans, Attack and do not cease initiative"

"Procrastination is to do yesterdays work tomorrow"

"By Zeus's Iron Balls!"

"Hi Miss, I'm gay, Think you can change my mind?"

"We always ask 'Why?' when 'How?' is so much more fun"

"How am i supposed to know? I just work here!"

"You take the thingamajigger and you connect it to the whatchamacallit and then ..."

"How do you stop a running Bhai? You don't. You just try and get out of the way"

"You feeling lucky? ... Punk!"

"Theres not much more thats worse than getting shot at with a .45 cal Magnum, except of course getting shot at with a .55 cal Magnum"

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