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I'm not gone.

Date: 8th of June 2007
Time: 0134 hours
Task completed: Composed a new piece
Current emotion: (Hint: Listen to the piece)

I'm finally home, where I belong. In case all of you still don't know, I have moved into a new house. And as there were some complications with my Internet connection, that explains why I haven't been able to post in RANDTS and in my own blog as well. In fact, I've only got back my Internet connection like five hours ago?

Lots of unpleasant things have happened lately but I'm taking it cool and calmly. They aren't issues that are easy to handle but nevertheless everything should be (I'll use the very word) settled within a couple of weeks. Don't worry, everything will be fine. Of course, I'm quite worried about some of my other friends who aren't really fine.

Anyway, to rant about my denial of access to the Internet, I lodged a complaint to TMNet on the 26th of May and it wasn't until 30th that I finally made an official report to their technicians because the support team couldn't help me. On the 1st of June I received a call saying that my Internet connection is restored but upon inspection, I still couldn't get into the Internet. On the 2nd of June I made a second report, in which I kept calling them daily, complaining to the TMNet officers on how sluggish they are to just reset the port at the server near my housing area. It wasn't until one week later, that is yesterday (7th of June) that they finally arrested the problem. Talk of efficiency!

I've been in the mood to compose new pieces now. All the pieces that come into my head were played spontaneously on the piano before I write them out on black and white. I find it is a far better way for me to express my feelings rather than following books and music scores. I don't need music scores to help me express my emotions! *laughs*

Anyway, this is the first piece that I'm posting in public for people to listen. Be forewarned! It is a classical piece, not rock, not pop. I've included three instruments, namely the piano, violin (string ensemble) and the double bass. I can't really ask you to "Enjoy!" because it isn't such a happy or joyful piece after all. As it is in MIDI format, it is not able to "perform" very expressively and it is meant to be expressive the "Henry style". Ask Joe and he would know. He's listened to me playing it before. *beams* It sort of reflects my January 2007 semester where almost nothing went right.

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