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Hello, people! Henry signing in from Haikou (海口) within the Hainan Island in China! I'm currently staying in my aunt's villa and she has a laptop and an Internet connection so after she is done with her business transactions, she let me use her laptop (it's a JVC laptop measuring about 11 inches from the corner of the screen to the other corner).

How has my trip been so far, you ask? Well, it's nothing short of enjoyable and breath-taking. Let me state this frankly. Haikou, or more specifically Hainan, went through rapid development for the past three years or so. Before 2004, much of Hainan is still rural. Now, skyscrapers fill the air-view. Highways wider than our Malaysian highways are everywhere. New houses are sprouting from every corner. In fact, there are more high-rise buildings in Haikou than Kuala Lumpur! Within a year or two, it can be more advanced than Kuala Lumpur! This is totally the opposite from what we initially expected.

Hainan is an island that is about 600 kilometres away from Guangzhou. Only three years ago the people here were still in poverty. But now, surprisingly very few beggars are seen on the streets. Cleanliness is comparable to that of Singapore although the people's mentality needs some changes (will talk about it next time). The people here are polite and the food is just as good as our Malaysian food! In fact, their taste is very similar to ours!

Communicating with the people here isn't a problem at all for me. I put up my apparently Beijing accent (that Joe and Melissa agreed on) and I did manage to fool some of the locals here. Some guessed I am from Beijing, some thought I am from Shanghai or Hunan. They were surprised when I told them we are from Malaysia. The people in Hainan speak Mandarin which is influenced by the Hainanese dialect accent. Nevertheless, their intonations are clear although the pronunciation may run a bit.

I wonder where Brian's (Gungrave1988) hometown is. He is a Hainanese and here I am, Brian, in Hainan! On the 21st of June, I'll be travelling from Haikou to Sanya (三亚) which is three hours away, so you can imagine how big Hainan Island is generally. On the 23rd, I shall be flying back to Guangzhou (广州) where I shall stay for another three days before flying back to KLIA on the evening of 26th. For those who don't know, Guangzhou is the FOOD HEAVEN of China. In fact, the best food can be found here in Guangzhou. The Malaysian Chinese food that you taste locally are heavily influenced by the Guangzhou taste because the great majority of Malaysian Chinese originate from the area of Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton).

Well, I shall be updating you all soon about my overall trip. I shall be posting up pictures as well then. But here's an eye candy and some information for you. You see, in China, Blogger blogs are blocked from being viewed (so even though I can post this I can't view it!), but surprisingly I can log into Blogger to post this! And best of all, by default when I browse into Blogger, everything is in Mandarin! Here are some pictures of the screenshots that I took:

Fortunately I can understand all that is written in Mandarin (although I'm not Chinese educated!). Otherwise I'd have some troubles trying to post this in the first place.

That's all for now. Cheers! Remember, I can't check on how my post would turn out to be. I'd like to ask for assistance from the administrators if my post turns out wrong, as in looking strange or something like that.

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  1. Comrade Cripple said...

    We poor Malaysians will be left in the dust while China achieves glory by 2020. Too bad for us, China is growing at breakneck speeds as Malaysia slowly grinds to a halt. Vision 2020 is the biggest joke ever uttered by Dr M. Even China cleans up while Malaysia gets nowhere in terms of cleanliness (at least in the Klang Valley).

    With such growth soon even the surprisingly not that great, Great Firewall of China will collapse. Anyone training sappers here in Malaysia?

    ~multum in parvo~  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    LOL! Hey chill... So what if we cant be the best? Look at Canada... >;P

    Woi! Henry Remember my Souvenir! BUY ME TAIWAN! (or Shanghai or wtvr)
    ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P  

  3. Henry Yew said...

    Great! I'm now using a bypassing software that enables me to view this site anonymously. Therefore, China cannot blocks me from viewing RANDTS!

    But as this bypass is from France, I see comment labels and all in French. For example, "Please login using your Google account" is written as "Connectez-vous à l'aide de votre compte Google".

    I agree with Comrade. At this rate, China will definitely overtake us even before 2010 in terms of economic and physical development. Now that the Beijing Olympics are around the corner they are even more motivated to do better!

    Kwatra, souvenirs? How about Punjab?  

  4. thwen said...

    Hey Henry, I had to scan through your post as I don't have much time left to spend at home. I got to go back to my aunt's house pretty soon.

    I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself. Hopefully you'll come back even more inspired than before! Haha, seems like Hainan's having an economic boom too! Oh well, it's as if the rest of China isn't...

    And lucky you. I wouldn't understand those Chinese characters, though I can possibly navigate myself with familiarity of

    Time's up! Take care, and enjoy! =)  

  5. Arbitary Juggernaut said...



  6. gungrave1988 said...

    I never imagined Hainan to be so advance! Totally culture shock!!! Henry, since your going to Guangzhou,the food heaven of China, do take pictures of the food you find nice there. Like the pictures Hui Wen took last time. Really like those pictures. (^__^) I wish I could see Hainan. Do post some pictures of Hainan's surroundings. Please?  

  7. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Foodophile? O.o"  

  8. thwen said...

    "Henry, since your going to Guangzhou,the food heaven of China, do take pictures of the food you find nice there. Like the pictures Hui Wen took last time. Really like those pictures. (^__^)"

    Out of a sudden, something surged from the ground and plunged right through me. Blood spilled from the wound as I gasped in vain for air. Oh, ego killed me!  


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