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This can actually be found in my Archive. But I thought I'd post this here just for fun.

I found this in Reader's Digest (Can't remember the year it was published though. Sorry) A DJ from Germany came up with this idea to come up with nouns to identify and categorise the people around us. So here are the nouns he came up with. And the ones in purple are the alternates.

Anecdultery = The moment when you are halfway through telling someone a story - acting in the know and exaggerating like crazy - when you realise it was their story in the first place. communitake, theminiscing

Binfidel = A person who sneaks his rubbish into your bin once it has been put out on the kerb, so there's never any space for your last forgotten bag. binfiltrator, coup d'etatrash

Boastbuster = A person who, when asked to guess how cheaply you bought something or the size of your pay rise at work, always pciks a figure so extreme that your story falls completely flat. anecdope, pestimator

Buckstop = The space left between the person using an ATM and the first person in the queue behind them. PINcushion, dough man's land

Cosmetic Perjury = The tactful response required when you meet an acquaintance who has proudly changed their hair, face or body in a failed attempt to improve their appearance. fake - lift, undiscretion

Edgehog = A train or bus passenger who hogs the aisle seat so that you have to climb over them to get to a vacant spot. yobstacle, AisleBeRightMate

Eyesberg = The icy look a teenage boy gives his mother when he wants her to stop talking to his girlfriend. off - peek, frigidglare

Hope - couture = The item of clothing you keep for years in the vain hope you might fit back into it someday. wishfits, martin - luthers (as in, "I have a dream...")

Lovestuck = The moment on a first date when both people want to make a move but are scared of getting a knockback and as a result, nothing happens. pre - sensual tension, ankissipation

Flaparazzi = Someone who is always in the background of a live news report, waving stupidly at the camera. telepathetic, vextra, eyejacker

Knack - nickers = Someone who can't leave a hotel room without taking every tea bag, sugar sachet, complimentary shampoo etc. artful lodger, kleptomarriott

Teararist = A person in the cinema who seems to take ages to unwrap their sweets or open their chips then eats them one by one, oblivious to the noise. tornmenter, weapon of multiplex destruction

Piece de resistance = The last bit of food left on a plate because everyone wants to be polite. gluttanot, remorsel

Moanotone = The faltering voice you use when you ring work to tell them you're sick. ARGGGHcent, phlegmbellishment

Shinterjection = At a dinner party, the sharp kick made under the table you give your partner to indicate that whatever it is they're saying, they must stop saying it right now. shin dig, toed rage

Tortune = A catchy yet awful song that you just can't get out of your head, even after hearing it playedjust once. ABBAration

Suffermore = A person who is always sicker or worse off than you. If you say you are a bit tired, they are exhausted. If you are snowed under, they tell you to try it with six kids. And when someone runs up the back of your car, it is nothing compared to the accident they had in the summer of 1984. hurtuoso, sickophant

Veriflycation = That involuntary movement of checking the fly made by all men as they re-enter a public place after leaving the bathroom. heflex action

So there. Hope you guys enjoyed it.


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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Good stuff yo!  

  2. joe said...

    haha... tts funny.. witty in fact. hmmm.. but i bet no one will understand it if we used them in real life.. LOL  

  3. gungrave1988 said...

    [joe] I seriously would just stare at the person with my jaws dropped if I ever see someone using those words...(>o<) But interesting stuff anyway. (^__^)  


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