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Respect is a two - way street

Those who agree, say "AAAAYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
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There are currently two people in my life that I do not respect(to be fair, almost everyone in my family who knows the story doesn't like them) and if I had my way, I would show it to them. But of course being a Malaysian, a Malay "with all sorts of traditions and whatnots" no less, I can't do that. What more, these people are family. Mengada or not?!

The first person created nasty stories about my sister. Well, they were not really nasty and it was just a story but it resulted in creating a tension between my mum and my grandma. The second person dissed my brother. The first person helped too actually. Now, I'm waiting for the first person to create stories about me. But I doubt it because I am my mother's daughter and she knows it. And that means, I'll retaliate with words that are so sharp, they can slice cucumbers.

And like I mentioned above, I have lost all feelings of respect for these two people but I can't show it and it's practically killing me because I do not know what to do when I face them!

Every single time I face them, I will not look at them because then they will see the hatred in my eyes.

Every single time they come up to me to talk, I'll reply unenthusiastically which is very much noticeable because when the first person's(oklah to make it easier for you people and to prevent from getting confused myself, the first person is Aunt A and the second person is, urm, Aunt B. How imaginative...) husband comes up to talk to me, I will entertain him. I still love my uncle despite that person he married because well MY UNCLE ROCKKKSSS...his wife doesn't.

Basically, all I want to do everytime I see them is walk in the opposite direction.

Now, of course it is hard for me to keep my cool especially since everytime I see them, all I want is to do something hurtful to them but then I will be stooping to their level. Thing that bothers me is that I think it is bloody unfair that young people have to respect their elders when sometimes, like in my case, these people do not have the right to be respected.

I have met adults who absolutely refused to say "Sorry" to their kids when they did something wrong but demands an apology from their kids the moment they do something wrong.

My mum said to "just let it be and one day, karma will bite them right back in their asses."

I just wish that day will come soon.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Just coz u asked so nicely... ;)



  2. TOTallyTOT said...

    Did you actually count the total of As and Ys and Es?!


  3. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    kinda... ;P  


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