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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

RANDTS Gathering II

Hey everyone, I've just uploaded most of the pictures taken of our (considerably small) RANDTS gathering which was held yesterday. And even though my writing skills aren't as polished as the other RANDTSters', specifically Jaspreet's *coughs* (he said I can't write), I shall try to write something of decent standard. So here goes...

Instead of having an estimated large group of RANDTSters at Albert's, we only had 5- Albert himself, Henry, Jaspreet, Joe, and Hui Wen (that's me!). Surprisingly, the presence of Henry's guest wasn't as surprising as I thought, since I guessed much earlier that she would be there at the gathering. True enough, she was there. Henry's guest is no other than Melissa, who is currently studying Petroleum Engineering under the Petronas Scholarship in Universiti Teknologi Petronas. She came across as someone friendly, and down-to-earth- a nice person, yes she is. But I can't say much as I don't really know her that well.

Anyway, back to the gathering. Lunch started off after the my very late arrival, and we had steamboat together with Albert's parents. As I'm not a huge fan of greens, I stayed clear from them, and only ate the fishballs and meatballs, while conversations that mainly compromised of funny incidents and jokes were shared and exchanged between diners. My particular favourite activity was to rebut most of Jaspreet's 'statements', till he thought that I was easily-insulted by his jokes, which weren't really the case, haha! Seriously!

From left: Henry (with hair gelled comparatively more than before), Joe, Jaspreet and Albert.

Took this picture with self-timer. From left: Henry, Joe, Jaspreet, Albert, Me, and Melissa.

This was also taken by self-timer.

We took several photos after lunch, and before we knew it, Henry had to go to the LRT station. And after 15 minutes of talking to Melissa, she had to go Subang Parade to join her family for the So You Think You Can Dance roadshow. Therefore, only 4 of us were left in Kelana Jaya. But we did spend some time in The Curve, and then IKEA soon after. We didn't do much in those shopping complexes, except talk, have Baskin Robbins and Hot Chocolate, and take pictures together. Here are some of them:

Can you imagine Jaspreet in that dress? *shudders*

Fire & Rescue!

Joe and I. Shot by Jaspreet from the ground.

I realised I'm so huge beside Joe!
Note to self: Skinny people aren't nice to take pictures with, haha.

Yup, pets are allowed! Jaspreet looks like a hamster here, so he's allowed to use the lift, haha! Just joking, dude. Chillax is what you would say, no?

Jaspreet the Viking! Erm, without the special horned hat, of course!

Jaspreet and Albert. With two red hippos, haha!

Jaspreet and Joe. I don't know what would both of them do if they were left alone in IKEA...

Those baby chairs in IKEA are quite sturdy... Agree?

Sulking kids in IKEA.

Kids, run for your life!!

And here's Joe with his N70. Haha, I caught you unaware, didn't I?

Yeah, so that's about it. Even though I didn't had the time to stay for dinner and found the gathering to be really brief, I'm quite certain that there's always a next time for all of us to gather, catch up with each other, and have fun together... Comments are welcomed. Thanks.

P.S. I didn't put any 'Photoshop nonsense' on any of the pictures. So feel free to save them for memory's sake... Also, the white balance of those indoor shots are kinda off due to the camera's crazy lightmeter. Besides, those shots are not as crisp as they should be... Oh well...

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Okay first... I DID NOT CRITICIZE YOUR WRITING!!! I just said that your photographing skills are better...
    (why is it people always think negative? -_-")

    Second... I AM NOT A HAMSTER! -_-#
    I am a very wide-eyed panda bear... ;P

    And Most Importantly... Saturday was awesome! I got to meet a wee little porcelain doll (named Melissa.. ;P) And finally explored the curve! Oh, and did i mention how awesome HuiWen's Photos are? ;)  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    P.S. Do you guys think i should have bought that dress? LOLz!  

  3. Comrade said...

    Really good pictures. Let's call Jaspreet the panda-shark now. The good thing about Saturday was meeting Melissa. New friend what. It's really nice to make new friends. Joe had fun same for Jaspreet. My hope is Henry is all fine.

    Hui Wen keep up your good work in photography. Don't ever lose your passion for you'll never know what's next.

    P.S: We circumcised the rules.

    ~multum in parvo~  

  4. joe said...

    haha, my i look silly in my pic with jaspreet. lol  

  5. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Panda-Shark eh?

    What am i Chimeric? [-_-]

    And joe... Don't thank me for looking silly, You manage that just fine on your own! ;P  

  6. thwen said...

    Oh, you did? Hmm... I guess the noise in the Curve really drowned your voice. And for that to happen, I'm quite surprised, since your voice is pretty loud, haha.

    Well, you are obviously NOT a hamster. You sort of look like one, or remind me of one, in that particular picture. Even if you DO look like a hamster, I don't think you're one, haha!

    You didn't mention how 'awesome' they are, till now. So thanks! Melissa= Porcelain Doll? Gee, thank goodness I am not one, haha!


    Yes, you should have bought it for keeps, and to dress up for Halloween or fancy dress parties. Maybe you can wear it out to the Curve to do the fashion strut, haha!


    Thanks for the encouragement! I don't think I can let go of photography, much less losing passion for it. It's just that there are external factors that made the choice of tools rather complex...

    So Albert, it's not so nice to meet older friends, huh?

    You ONLY look silly in pictures with Jaspreet?! What an understatement! *evil laughter* Hmmm... can I also say that you look normal in pictures with me? Haha!

    I look terrible in pictures... I prefer to be the one taking the picture...

    Panda-Shark? Woah... extremely extinct you will be! Haha, what a combination!

    As if you don't look silly yourself. Heh. =P  

  7. Henry Yew said...

    Hi people... Sorry I couldn't post anything or even check the blog here at all for the few days because my Internet connection at home is still not fixed. How I wished I was with you people that day!

    I'm currently playing DotA with my old buddies in a cyber cafe so I better be going...  

  8. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Okay okay... Enough about the awesomeness of these awesome pictures... ;P

    Now how bout you guys stop loitering here and READ MY STORY! ;P
    Oh and comment on it too... :D  

  9. thwen said...

    (henry yew)
    I'm sure there's always a next time. =)

    I smell the stench of jealousy...  


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