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RANDTS will last a thousand years.

- Albert

...who just had someone she fancied say bye to her right after school!!!!! *BIG smile*

one thing i like about my highschool is that, there is form 6. and when there is form 6, new eye candies would come :D ... hahaa.. eye candies. what a way to describe it.

to those who dont know what eye candy means, it means, in my own way of defining it, DROPDEADGORGEOUSGUYSTHATIWILLGOGAGAON. hahahaha. okay, so go on, laugh now. you already got the funny bit. ;)

but then again, the thing i dislike about highschool is that fact that...
a) everyone would know who you like/fancy,
b) stupid uniform that makes me look fat; and
c) stupid uniform that makes me look fat.

you just cant get tired with the uniform making me look fat thing. bleh!

but then again, who cares. at least, he said bye!!!!!

jasmine is haaapppyyyy.... you should be happy for her too ;)

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Either its hot or ure drunk...

    Then again maybe its drunk and ure hot? =P
    (i dunno wtf "it" is so cosider this another feeble come on by a RANDTSter... -.-")  

  2. Eries said...


    school's out! i guess for you.

    i didnt go to form 6. i feel that was a big mistake for me. cos i could have gotten a uni a bit further from home if i took form 6. that wouldnt be bad. as they say, familiarity breeds malcontent. i get the nagging at home. well, remember the school days because eventhough ur uniform looks fat on you, those days just dont come back no matter how much you want them to.


  3. Shine said...

    no THIS, is what i call a cool post...


    anyways, good for u =D  

  4. jasminerajah said...

    Arbitary Juggernaut,
    hahaha. for the record, i wasnt drunk nor was the weather hot. though, i did like the part where im the one being hot.. haha. anyway, i do have rosy cheeks. i mean, it is originally pinkish and rosy-ish. so yea ;)

    haha.. well, i guess, im not going for form6. maybe... not sure yet, anything can happen the last minute. and yes, treasure highschool moments. i do treasure it, but sometimes, you just cant help but to be all annoyed with it.

    hahaha... erm, thank you? yea, thank you.. :)  

  5. thwen said...

    Hmmm, you seem to forget peer pressure and status quo...  

  6. yiwei said...

    jasmine! i so agree with you about the many eye candies in form 6...i'm doing form 6 too =D  


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