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Talk about efficiency

OK, I have utterly no intention to badmouth my sponsor, but this is something that I would like to highlight regarding efficiency of a certain department.

You see, I've moved to a new house, therefore I have to inform the university that I have changed my address. This I have done, but it seemed that the university will not notify my sponsor (I think it is best that I leave the name of the sponsor out) about my change of address. Therefore, I shall have to do it my own. And I did!

I decided to contact the sponsor on my own through the telephone. First, I got the operator. Then she connected me to the sponsorship unit. After a few beeps, I was connected to an answering machine. Taking note of the extension number, I tried making a direct call a few hours later. Still answering machine. I called up the next day. Answering machine. I called up two days later. Answering machine. I called up today. ANSWERING MACHINE!

Fine. So I contacted the operator again and told her that the extension I had is never answered. So, she connected me to the Secretary Department and there I had a conversation with another lady whose colleague I wanted to contact was unavailable. The dialogue was like this:

Henry: Pn. Zaitun?
Lady: Bukan, Pn. Zaitun tak ada. (No, Pn. Zaitun is not in.)
Henry: Oh, erm...
Lady: Ini pasal apa? (What is this about?)
Henry: Saya scholar *sponsor name* dari UTP, dan saya telah telefon extension 1153 banyak kali dah. (I'm a *sponsor name* scholar from UTP, and I've been trying to contact extension 1153 countless times.)
Lady: Oh! Extension tu memang tak ada orang jawab. (Oh! There will not be anybody answering that extension at all.)
Henry: Huh? O.o"

So, was that extension a bogus extension? There is never anybody attending to that line! So why have that extension in the first place? If that extension will never be answered, might as well do away with it straightaway and save the operator some trouble.

Aside from this extension glitch, all in all the lady who attended to my whims was quite polite. She then told me that I can contact two officers from the sponsorship unit and ask me to notify them about my change of address. They will get things done immediately.

But really. I was annoyed to know that extension 1153 exists, but is never answered. I do wonder why.

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Hey consider yourself lucky!

    When i'm with an operator most of the time i have to act like i know their boss and where they live and that i own a hatchet to get them to do anything...

    And hey as for that extension 1153... ever seen the movie 13th floor? >;P  

  2. Comrade Cripple said...

    Woah! Biting the hand that feeds! You must be disgruntled Henry.

    ~multum in parvo~  


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