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that made my day!

i have this new photo-editting software, so i decided to do some fooling about. i got inspired by the colors in huiwen's pictures in the previous post. so i decided to do some color effects as well.

not much. but quite okay i guess.

anyway, guess who wrote me back? Daphne Iking! if you dont know her, well, she's a model cum host cum emcee cum everything else. haha. she hosted THE BREAKFAST SHOW in NT7, used to host MONEY MATTERS and EXPLORACE. and a few more, but i forgot. but yea.

i love her work and hope to be like her one day. she's such an inspiration.

go to my blog to see what she wrote to me. :)

till then, take care y'all!


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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...


    Watch out Huiwen there be a new camera in da house! ;P

    I like the first pic. the most! (reminds me of how my old school shoes used to look like ;P)

    Your play on colours and angles intrigues me. :)
    Very Old-And-Decayed theme centered... Me likey! :D

    P.S. What is the second pic of anyway? Is it a gangway/bridge or those spats on your bed that support the mattress?  

  2. thwen said...

    Jasmine's pictures are really good, so no point comparing lah, Jaspreet. Besides, she started blogging before I did, if I'm not mistaken. And she's NOT new. Period.

    Jasmine, I didn't know that I could somehow inspire someone. It's nice to know that, haha.  

  3. gungrave1988 said...

    Cool! More pictures! Hope to see more cool pictures from you jasmine! (^__^)  

  4. jasminerajah said...

    arbitary juggernaut,
    hahahah... thanks for the compliment.yea, the first picture is my favorite too... i like how the colors made the picture looked so nice and that, the photo has its meaning behind it.

    the second picture is just some pile of un-used wood infront of some stationary shop - i also took the picture of the shoe there.

    hahha... yea, started blogging like since 2000?? but i started photography 2 years back :)

    and nah, i guess, time doesnt really matter, if the outcome of your picture that matters most. :)

    and yes, you DID inspired me. its amazing to know how inspiring a person can be, especially when that person is you, yourself. ;)

    hahaa.. thanks! i will post more!  


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