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We Are The Rapists

»Those communist greedy pig Chinese on top will add this as part of their unforgivable evils when they join Mao, Hitler and Stalin in the deepest reaches of hell.

Down with the Chinese who obliterate Mother Nature's creatures in the name of medicine, gluttony and avarice. The consumption of shark's fin soup will soon wipe all fish. Wild tigers will also go extinct because of my race and the money grubbing poachers they support. SARS wrought death and suffering on us all because some wretched fools in China must eat civet cats. Pollution is slowly annihilating life in all rivers of China. Woe to all who rape the Earth like lust filled maniacs.

Shark's fin soup is a must for Chinese. A course dinner is not complete without shark's fin soup. What narrow minded reckless humans we are! Sharks which are endangered are just harvested like that without any foresight. Why pity sharks when they are dangerous human killers? Well anyone who says they are dangerous human killers are extremely shallow indeed. With less than ten people killed a year they are hardly dangerous. Believe in Jaws-like movies is truly moronic. Sharks don't deserved to be wiped out. If they are to be wiped out why don't we kill all politicians using tribal headhunting methods thousands as they are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths a year. First let us sink all ships and boats (and perhaps spear fishers) that catch sharks!

With about a billion potential shark fin consumers they will go extinct. As cornerstone species their demise will wrought the demise of all fish (trust me I have details which I won't write hear). Want to be responsible for the demise of the oceans themselves? I'm quite ashamed that my race may bring so much destruction. Many won't care which includes my father but at least I don't consume shark's fin soup. I'm no hypocrite unlike some people!

Tigers are another sad situation. China wants to legalise the trade of tiger parts. Those communist greedy pig Chinese on top will add this as part of their unforgivable evils when they join Mao, Hitler and Stalin in the deepest reaches of hell. To all nut jobs who consume tigers parts (mostly Chinese) you people are also guilty as hell unless you are sorry for what you have done. Those who willingly contribute to the extinction of any creature is just evil, evil and evil. I remember some boy who has my disease who was given tiger bone soup by his mother. This is shameful. Poachers also must be gunned down to just like how they hunt tigers.

Tigers will soon be gone anyway some people may point out. At least I'm not responsible unlike many shameless Chinese compatriots. Our grandchildren may not see tigers in real life ever again no thanks to some of the useless Chinese.

SARS was another problem because of the stupid Chinese "maxim" that everything with four legs except the table and chairs must be eaten. Civet cats spread SARS to humans because the poor civets were sold in markets to eaten. People were just way too smart I guess. Chinese once again are the fools involved as some itchy Chinese morons wanted to eat something other than a domesticated animal. Anyway, did you know that Chinese civets are endangered. SARS was the revenge of the civets! Wait till the sharks and tiger take bittersweet revenge!

Chinese of course cause more problems than that. With so many Chinese I'm afraid they may become the the master rapists of the Earth who destroy more than America. If that happens I'll disown myself.

~multum in parvo~

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Its not only Chinese thou...

    Everyone plays a part...

    For eg. Indians who worship the Cow but MUST have that new claf leather handbag from prada...  

  2. Arbitary Juggernaut said...



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