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Vintage on Wheels

Spotted this vintage car along a small alley in Pudu. I've added filters to make the pictures look more nostalgic, haha. They're of the same car, and they're of the same composition, just that the colours are different. I wanna know which brings out, screams out, shines 'Vintage' more than the other? The first, or the second? Comments and criticisms are welcomed.

DSCN5143 copy

DSCN5143 copy 2

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I took this shot from the hip, so the composition of the pictures wasn't exactly planned. Glad I didn't cut out parts of the car, haha! By the way, does anyone know what car model is this?

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  1. Arbitary Juggernaut said...

    Both are really good...

    The first one depicts KL ala UK (dark, gloomy and rainy)

    The second probably is more Las Vegas-ey (summer city center)

    I always did like the Volvo amazon... Great seats, Decent looks, Great Car! ;)  

  2. gungrave1988 said...

    I agree with what arbitary said bout the pictures. The second picture caught my attention. The second picture sort of like a flash back. For some weird reason, I kind of feel like asking the car what has it see through all the years it has been through. The things that it saw, things he experienced & the things that happened in the past. Like a vision of the past. Nice picture, Huiwen! Another great picture! (^__^)  

  3. thwen said...

    *laughs* KL ala UK?! Las Vegas-ey?! Man, your terms sure are funny! But thank you 'hamster' for your opinions. =P

    Oooh, the model- Volvo Amazon!

    He? How did you know that the car is a 'he'? *laughs* Wait a moment, Brian. Did you just type that you kind of feel like asking the car some questions? Eh, better not do so in broad daylight ah... People might think you're out of your mind, hehe.

    Thanks for the compliment, Brian. That brightened up my rather dull day, haha! =)  

  4. thwen said...
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  5. thwen said...
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